Coming together for the end

It's coming to the end now and there is still plenty of things going wrong but, people are starting to realize what's important. They are finally coming together to work towards survival or just to find comfort in each other. Instead of immense panic which is what people have mostly been doing they decide to come to their senses.

In the last chapters of the book everyone can sense that the end is coming soon. Instead of people continuing to panic and seperate themselves from society as you thought they would, some actually start to join together. Due to Julia’s grandpa dying her mother and father started to bond and get along with each other like they did before the slowing. Julia finally became goods friends with Seth Merano. The kids in school didn’t want to leave each other when it came to the end of the school year.  The Real-Timers joined together in different communties. It’s almost like the probability of the end of the world being right the corner had forced them apart due to the chaos and panic but now it people are starting to come about their senses and come together to face what is going on.


Now the characters such as Julia and her parents have something to work foreward to. Which is preparing to stay alive and be able to handle the cituations that might come their way. Now that they are together and at peace they actually feel like a family now. This is what is driving them to survive. The fact that they feel together, almost like a team. They wan’t to do the best they can to make it easy to stay aive. Julia’s mother has been growing food in her greenhouse and has been collecting can food. Her father continues to go to work to get money for them despite the way they feel that the earth could end in any second.

The End

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