Cobalt Blue - Admiting Fear

I was examining the shoe closely but as closely as I looked I could fine no evidence that could help us in finding Azurite.  I looked up to see that Carmine had led Wisteria a little ways away from the grounp.  Probably to calm her down.  "So what now, Cobalt?"  Myrtle asked.

I tossed the shoe back on the ground and a bush sprang up to grab it, extending out to bring it into Myrtle's grasp.  "I don't know, Myrtle.  The shoe doesn't bring us any closer to finding Azurite than we were before."

A shout from Wisteria came from where her and Carmine had been standing and I ran to her side.  "What happened Wisteria?  Where's Carmine?"

"She ran off.  I think she saw something."

Remembering the trail that Carmine had followed in order to find me the night before I ran off in the direction Wisteria indicated.  I rounded a tree and noticed that Carmine had came to a stop but it was too late and I rammed into her, knocking her to the ground.  I came to my feet quickly and reached up to help Carmine to her feet.  "What was it?  Did you see something?"

Carmine closed her eyes and shook her head in irratation.  "It was another feeling, like last night.  I felt like someone was there.  But I...I lost them."

On an impulse I reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze, "You'll find it again, I know you will."

She pulled her hand away and turned her back to me, "I think what scares me the most is how quickly it appeared and disappeared.  One minute it was there and the next minute it was just gone, vanished."  She turned back towards me and I could see she was fighting back tears, "Cobalt, I'm not usually one to admit this but I'm actually starting to get a little scared.  What if we never make it out of this?"

At that moment standing in the woods with Carmine, I thought of Rachel, and one dark night that we had stayed out in the woods too late and had lost our way.  Though it wasn't dark and we weren't exactly lost, the fear in Carmine's eyes was the same as Rachel's had been that night.  I reached out and pulled Carmine to me holding her as I had done for Rachel years ago.  And for just a moment, I had my sister back.

The End

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