Myrtle Green - Followed

I was nervous about walking in these woods, especially so close to Azurite's kidnapping.  Even with Wisteria beside me and my new found powers to help me I still felt uneasy, “So,” I said my eyes darting to nearby tree as a bird took off, “I hope we find Azurite.” Wisteria just nodded. I heard a branch crack and looked, into the trees trying to find the maker of the noise. There was no one there. “You can turn invisible right?” I said in an attempt to keep the conversation light. Wisteria nodded again, distractedly.

                                                                                                                                     I heard another branch snap someone was out there, I was sure of it. “Did you hear that?” I asked

 “Yeah, it was probably a rabbit” I nodded trying to convince myself.  We were in a clearing now. “Hey! What’s that?"  Yelled Wisteria. She ran over to a clump of yellow flowers and grabbed something that was hidden beneath it.  I ran to her side the fear of being followed leaving for the moment.  Wisteria was clutching a shoe that I was sure must be Azurite's.

 “It's his, it's Azurites” I didn't even try to hide my excitement as I grabbed the shoe from Wisteria, turning it over and looking for something that could give us any kind of hint. 

“We must be on the right track.” Wisteria pulled out the walking-talkie and began talking into it excitedly. 

Another branch snapped this one closer than the others.  I looked into the trees again, momentarily forgetting the shoe in my hand.  The wind blew and the branches of the trees swayed, still I could see no sign of anyone following us.

 “Hello, Cobalt” I heard Wisteria saying “We found something I think its Azurites shoe”

 “Ok, where are you?” The voice crackled from the other side

  “We’re in some sort of clearing not far from the house.”

 “Alright, we'll find you, just stay there.  Did you hear that Azo? Mikado?”  there was a crackle but no reply “Azo? Mikado?” I could hear Cobalt’s voice, silence…the wind blew again… suddenly the speaker came to life

 “Yeah, we’ll be there” Said Mikado.

 “Good! Over and out.”

 Another twig snapped. I looked into the trees and then at Wisteria's face “I really think something is out there." 

“Oh just relax” said Wisteria

 “BOO!!” Wisteria screamed and disappeared. I threw my hands in the air and vines twirled around the enemy trapping him.

 “AZO!"  I screamed as I realized it was only him, "What are you doing?” I released him from the tangle of vines and he fell to the ground laughing. Mikado came out of some tangled bushes behind us.

  “That was great Azo teleporting in front of them like that they didn’t even see it coming.”  He fell on the ground next to his friend laughing hesterically.

 “Guys that’s not funny you scared us half to death,” I scolded “and I don’t think our powers should be used for such childish things.  Azurite's could be in serious danger and your acting like this is just some big game.” Azo and Mikado didn’t even hear, they were already telling Wisteria about how they had done this and that.

 “- and then Cobalt asked if we heard so Mikado had to fly above the tree’s to reply without you guys hearing” Azo was saying.

Suddenly Carmine and Cobalt came bursting through the trees “Enough of this. Where’s the shoe.” said Cobalt.

The End

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