Cobalt Blue - Looking for Azurite

I came downstairs clad in my new armor and weilding my sword, though I wasn't exactly sure how to use it I figured being armed with it was better than being armed with nothing.  Carmine led me to the living room where the others were waiting with Mikado.  He looked a little dazed but at least he was sitting up.

Azo jumped up when I entered the room and ran to my side.  "Whoh," he shouted excitedly, "where did you get that? Did you make that?  Can we all get sweet superhero uniforms?"

His questions were coming at me faster than I could answer them finally I clamped my hand over his mouth, "Yes I made it and yes I'll make them for all of you."

He pulled away from my hand and ran over to Mikado, "Ya hear that?  Cobalt's gonna make us uniforms.  It will be just like we're a superhero team.  We can call ourselves the colors or the rainbow or - " I shot him a look that cut him off and he plopped down on the couch next to Mikado.

"Look guys, we don't have time for this.  I'll be glad to make anyone who wants it the neccessary armor and weaponry needed for protection but then we need to search for Azurite."  The girls nodded their approval so I continued.  "We  know that the thugs took them into the woods so we'll start our search there.  We'll stay together in groups of two,"  I shot a glance at Azo as I said, "you never, ever leave your partner behind, understood?"  Azo looked down at the ground but he nodded his head. 

"Shouldn't we have a way of contacting each other if we find something of interest?"  Myrtle questioned.

I nodded, trying to think of the best thing to communicate in the middle of the woods.

"What about walkie talkies?"  Mikado put in.

Carmine rolled her eyes, "Come on Mikado, this is serious."

"I'm being serious." he stood up now, obviously completly recovered from his little fall, "You guys are so serious about being serious your not thinking like superhumans.  I mean come on we've got POWERS for crying out loud."

I sighed in irratation, "Will you just get to the point Mikado, we're wasting daylight here."

"Paint some Cobalt."

I rolled my eyes, these kids just didn't realize how much I hated painting, but I had to do what I could for Azurite.  I turned toward the door.  "Alright, start getting together whatever we need, Carmine...make sure there kids stay focused."  She nodded and standing up clapped her hands to get their attention.  As I hurried out of the room I could hear her giving directions like a pro.

The End

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