White - First Contact

I am confined to my room the rest of the day and Father does not visit me.  No one does.  Two men in green – military men – stand watch outside my door.  I am a prisoner!  And what of Father?  I am so confused by all that I have heard.  Questions fill my mind as I ponder it all.  What is Operation Rainbow?  Who is Mr. Watson?  Why is this military man here and what does he want?  What does it all have to do with me and what did I do this afternoon that had them both so upset? 

What did I do, anyway?  How did I get past all of those obstacles?  It all happened so fast.  It was like my feet weren’t even touching the ground at some points, like I’d skipped a heartbeat into the future each time.  And then there was the wall.  How did I make such a leap?  I remember leaping with everything I had and feeling like I was just floating up to the handhold.  But in my experience, floating was not exactly something that people could normally do.  It was not something I could normally do, yet I had done it… somehow. 

And then another thought occurs to me.  Where had that foothold come from on the wall?  I hadn’t seen it before I made the jump, yet somehow it was there, sticking out of the wood under my foot right where I needed it at that moment.  Too many questions and I have no answers. 

And what of the mysterious “them” mentioned by the military man?  Who were they?  Were they Project Rainbow?  Were they working for the military man or were they victims of his machinations like Father and I?  Thinking through the conversation for the hundredth time, I decide that they, whoever they are, must be victims as well.  And then it occurs to me that the military man mentioned attacking them in the morning and kidnapping a mind-reader… a mind reader? 

Was it possible for someone to have the ability to read minds?  I’ve never heard of such things, but the idea fascinates me.  I find myself longing to try it.   Finally I exhaust myself with unanswered questions and drift into a deep sleep, the last thoughts on my mind directed toward the mysterious “them” mentioned by the military man and especially the one who could read minds...  


… and then he is before me, tall and Lanky with Indigo hair cut short and grey eyes!  I don’t know how I know it is him, but somehow I know.  And then I know his name, as clearly as if it were written on his forehead: Indigo, like his hair.  Azurite Indigo!

At first I think this must be a dream, but somehow I know it is not.  Somehow, this boy who can read minds has drawn me in and I realize that I must warn him about the military man and the danger he and his friends face.  I step into his view and move toward him.  I am floating.  I smile at him reassuringly, hoping not to frighten him.  I do not think I succeed, but he does not attempt to flee at least.

“Do not fear, Indigo.”  I assure him.

“H-how d-do you know m-my name,” he stutters, obviously more surprised by this meeting than I am.  I try another smile and continue with urgency, though I am not sure why.

“Azurite, I do not have long so listen and listen closely.  I think you and all those with you are in grave danger!  Be careful, Azurite Indigo, for no one on the outside can be trusted!  Remember this and heed my warning!”

I could feel our connection slipping.  Something was breaking it. 

“Wait!” he yells as we began to drift apart.  His words echo through the ether. 

“You didn’t even tell me your name!” 

As he fades away I whisper my name, my secret name, “Isabelline White.” 

And then he is gone.

I awaken suddenly, bolting up in my bed.  Sitting in a chair at my feet with a sickening smile upon his face is a burly man dressed in a black suit with a bow tie.  At my side are two grey-coats, one with a syringe and I feel my blood run cold. 

“Where is my father?”  I demand, knowing that I am never supposed to reveal our special relationship to anyone, but overcome with terror at the sight of the man in black.  Surely this is Obsidian, or one of his agents!  I know I must escape and do so now, but somehow I am frozen by his eyes as he rises from his chair and moves closer.

“Your father, huh?  Is that what he’s got you calling him?  I assume you’re referring to Dr. Agappae.”  Looking over at the grey-coat with the syringe, he gives a nod and then turns back to me.  “Well, you see, my dear, innocent White.  I’m afraid Dr. Agappae has allowed his little relationship with you to become, shall we say… inappropriate.  I’m afraid that we’ve had to neutralize it, just like we’re now going to neutralize you.”

The grey-coats restrain me and administer the drug.  In horror I realize that they are no longer “unconvinced.”  Grey has turned to black in my world.  Suddenly the room begins to spin and my vision darkens.  I look back at the man in black and wonder if my mind is playing tricks on me.  For in that last moment of blackening vision, his bow tie seems to me the color of Indigo… 




The End

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