Cobalt Blue - Plans

I closed the journal and looked up to see everyone stareing at me.  "I don't get it!" Wisteria said, "What's so important about that.  It's pretty much all stuff we already knew."

I nodded reopening the book in confusion.  "There must be something we missed."  I flipped through the whole book scanning the pages, but finding nothing.  I closed it, shaking my head.

"Maybe we'll figure it out later,"  said Carmine standing up. 

I motioned for her to sit back down, "Wait, we need to come up with some kind of plan of action before we do anything else."

She sat back down nodding her agreement.  "What did you have in mind?"

"Well for starters we have no idea why the thugs came this morning."

"Maybe they were just distracting us!"  Myrtle spoke up, "so they could nab Azurite while we weren't paying attention.

I nodded, "It's possible, but they could have been testing us too, trying out the waters, to see just how strong we really are.  I can't help but think that we took them out way too easily."

"I kind of got that impression as well," Carmine agreed. 

"Anyway," I said, returning the conversation back to it's purpose, :I think we need to place our focus solely on finding Azurite and the government base which I think it's safe to say is somewhere on this island."

"But what about Mikado?" Azo asked.

"Right," I said remembering our missing comrade, "You guys go and find Mikado, meanwhile I have some other business to attend to."

I was glad that they didn't decide to ask questions, but ran off instead in search of Mikado.  As soon as they were gone I climbed the stairs to my room crossing over to my easil and sat down and took in a sharp breath as I dipped my paintbrush in the paint.  I had been thinking about this all morning but since our encounter with the thugs the idea was even more rampant. 

I had been painting for some time when there was a knock on the door and Carmine entered.  "We found Mikado in the garden, it looks like he took a little fall but he'll be all right."  She came to my side curious as to what I was doing.  "What are you making?"

I turned to her smiling, "something that should keep me from being so weak next time,"  I pulled back so she could see my painting.

"Nice armor!" she commented.

"Don't forget about the sword."  I said, pointing to the place where it lay in the painting.

"Could you make more?"  She asked the wheels in her head beginning to turn.

"Of course I can, given a little more time, I can have armor and weaponry for us all, set perfectly to each persons style and preferance.  Then we can really start searching for Azurite."

The End

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