Cobalt Blue - The Journal

I feel so useless, absolutly useless.  Seeing that thug aiming his gun at me, I suddenly realized who powerless I was.  If it hadn't been for Azo teleporting on that guys head I would probably be dead.  I could only watch helplessly as the others sent them running into the woods.

As Azo disappeared with Mikado to track them down, Myrtle sunk to the ground, drained from what she had done.  Carmine moved to her side and I looked around the room.  "Is everyone all right?"

Wisteria appeared next to me, "We're fine, Cobalt, but...has anyone seen Azurite?"

I took another look around the room, realizing that I hadn't seen him all morning.  Fear struck me as I turned toward the stairs.  Wisteria followed me as I ran toward the Indigo room.  I threw open the door to find it empty.  I walked in, looking for any signs of a struggle but I didn't see anything.

"I think I found something!"  Wisteria called out from the otherside of the room.  I crossed to her side to see that she was holding a book of some kind with a piece of paper attatched to it.  Tears were in her eyes as she said, "They took him."

I took the book from her hands reading the note attatched:

"You can run but you can't hide"

"Where did you find this?"  I asked Wisteria.

"It was lying here on the floor, beside his bed.  Whoever took him must have knocked it off the table."

I nodded and opened the book, reading the first page out loud, "Journal of Azurite Indigo, if you are not Azurite get your nose out of this book."  I closed it and ran toward the door.  "Gather everyone up, Wisteria, tell them to meet in the living room in five minutes...I think it's about time we all sat down and had a little meeting."

She nodded and rushed off as I rushed down to the living room to find Azo already there, and crying of all things.  He looked up at me as I entered wiping the tears from his face in embarrasment.  "What's wrong?"  I asked.

"It's Mikado, I lost him in the woods."

I closed my eyes, trying to calm my runaway emotions.  I didn't have time to find out what had happened.  Wisteria ran in then, followed by Carmine and Myrtle.  "Our numbers seem to be dwindling down."  I stated.  "I've called you all together cause we have a problem other then the obvious fact that we're trapped in this house by the government."  I took a deep breath as the other sat and stared at me, my fear reflected in their eyes.  "Azurite's missing."

I took a moment to let that sink in before holding up the journal, "The captors note was attatched to this journal.  Under normal circumstances I wouldn't even consider invading someones privacy like this, but our captors seem to find it important enough to attatch a note to it, therefore I think it must be important enough to us for us to read it."

I waited for the others to nod their agreement and then cracked open the book and began to read...

The End

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