Cobalt Blue - Thugs With Answers

I had slept aweful last night, tossing and turning from unburied memories of Rachel.  I rolled out of bed as soon as the sun was up and went downstairs.  No one else was up that I could tell, but in this house you never could tell. 

The others slowly began to wake up and come downstairs, no one seemed in the mood to cook so we pulled out the cereal.  The chatter seemed quieter this morning, even Azo and Mikado were speaking in whispers.  Wisteria came in and took a worried look around the room, that's when I realized that Azurite was the only one who had not come to join us.  I made to stand up, but before I could the door burst open and five men walked into the room, they were carrying guns and stared at us evilly.

I stood up upon their entrance and noticed out of the corner of my eye that Wisteria had gotten into some kind of a fighting position.  The others were on their feet now as well.  "What do you want with us?"  I asked.

The man smiled at me wickedly, "Isn't it obvious,"

"You want us for our powers, yes, but what are you hoping that we will do for you?"

"We have an assignment for you that only a group of superhumans can accomplish."

Carmine stepped forward now, "What if we refuse?"

The man turned his icey stare her direction, "You can't refuse, or haven't you noticed that this island is protected by a shield."

"We've noticed," I spoke up again, "We also noticed that you got in somehow and somehow you're going to have to get out."

"What we also noticed," Carmine said, "is that we're special and you have guns."

I nodded, smiling at the looks on their faces, "So is it going to be the easy way or the hard way."  I smiled at the irony of what I had said and looked at Carmine who was grinning as well.

The thug in front of us laughed, "You think we weren't prepared for your resistance, we're trained to take people like you down."  He raised his gun and aimed it at me, it was then that I realized just how useless my painting ability would be in a battle.

The End

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