Azo Orange - End of day 2

"Hey guys!  Cobalt and Carmine are back!" I shouted.

"Ugh!  I was getting so worried." Myrtle replied, running to the door to the garden.

Cobalt and Carmine got inside and plopped down on the couch.  Everyone one did the same.  A silence swept the room.  Everyone sat silently, heads down.  I suddenly looked up, "Oh no!  I just realized that you killed Buddy, Cobalt!"  I stood up, anger suddenly sweeping over me.

"I'm sorry, Azo.  I had to." Cobalt replied softly.  He never lifted his head.  He just walked upstairs silently.  Like a zombie led by his master's hand.

"I hate this place!  I HATE IT!!!  I want to go home!"  I tore off upstairs, tears began dripping down my face, blurring my vision.  I dove onto my bed and began to sob.  It was 9:30pm when I finally pulled myself together.  I had been crying for 20 minutes.  I sniffled, sat up on my bed, and just listened.  "Just look at me," I thought. "sobbing like a toddler who just lost his favorite toy.  I'm pathetic."

Tears were beginning to well up in my eyes again when Mikado stepped in.  "Are you okay, Azo?"

I wiped my eyes and replied, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You're not the only one who misses home."  He stated, walking over to sit on the bed next to me. "I don't know why we've all been so happy to be here, but now that I think about it, I really miss my Iguana... my parents must be worried sick!" he looked down and sniffled quietly.

"We're gonna still talk to each other when we get out of this mess, right?" I asked.

"Are you kidding?"  He looked up at me and smiled, a watery glaze covered his eyes. "We're gonna be best friends!"

I smiled back. "We'd better get to bed.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring."

"Answers hopefully!" he finished.

"That or home..."

"Yeah, I'll seeya in the morning, Azo."

"Yup, sleep good, Mikado."

He smiled and left.  Stillness, peace, silence, swept the room.  I rolled over onto my side and stared off into the blackness, thinking.  Slowly, my eyes grew heavy and after a few minutes I was gone.


The End

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