Carmine Red : ???

All of us had gone inside the mansion while Cobalt was dealing with Kunichi. I could sense his agony at dismembering his creation's arms. Cobalt was not a happy person, and his usually quiet demeanour had worsened and I could feel a kind of depression pervading into his soul. This was not the attitude of a person who was just losing touch with something close to his heart, but the pain of already having lost someone very dear to him. There was a collision of aches inside him, and my head began throbbing with each passing minute.

At first I had decided to go up to my room while the kids excitedly and noisily discussed the evening's happenings. But something nagged at me and pulled me back. Someone was in undeniable pain. And I was feeling his pain tear through my heart. Since I was closest to Cobalt, his was the first name that came to mind. I focused my thoughts on him and felt a jolt deep in my stomach.

It was Cobalt. He was not himself, and completely gutted. I needed to find him.

I thought about Cobalt and followed the trail of battered emotions that my heart was leading me towards. I stepped out into the garden and looked around for the presence of the three people that we had left behind there. But there was no sign of either Jerena or Kunichi, and I could not see Cobalt anywhere. But I could feel him. He was like a broken heart, bleeding and shattered.

I decided to move towards where my instincts and heart were leading me, and headed towards the dark forest. Where are you , Cobalt? Where are you?

I stepped beyond the leafy threshold and paused to shout out to him. "Cobalt. Cobalt. It's Carmine. Answer back, Cobalt. Where are you?"

No answering shout came my way so I moved further inside the deep cover of the trees. A sense of dread washed over me as I recalled my first night on the beach, stranded and alone. This was the first time since that night that I felt unsafe and scared. And it was not a feeling I was acquainted with.

I swept aside my fears and trekked deeper into the forest. Cobalt's emotions seemed nearer, and if possible, more fragile than before. He was in mourning.

As I moved past a dense underbrush of shrubs, I chanced upon a crouched figure just to my right. I instantly stood still and silent, not wanting to startle Cobalt. I walked over to him with light steps and sat down beside him. He still hadn't noticed my presence near him.

I placed my hand on his shoulder, a wave of sadness washing over my being, and whispered to him, "Cobalt..."

"Is that you, Rachel?"


The End

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