Carmine Red : I Hate This Place!!

Stupid kids. And that dumb warrior. 

Making my head ache. Now I gotta wait and let them wreck havoc in the garden. Thank goodness we have no neighbours, or I'd be really embarrassed right now. Anyways, the worst news is not that the Yellow and Orange ones are irritating the warrior-from-somewhere, but the fact that even the Green girl has found her powers. There's got to be something wrong here. I have never been last at anything in my entire life. And being the only one who doesn't have any powers is really beginning to get on my nerves now.

I need a break from all this. I do.

I saw Cobalt trying to command the warrior to stop. Yeah as if that's gonna help. Shouting in the direction of the kids, Cobalt was instructing Yellow to fly off with Azo so that Green could tie the raging man once again. But Green was too scared to repeat her recent success. I could sense bewilderment and a little elation from her being. And that got me further irritated. 

Everyone but me. Why? Why? Carmine, ease up. You gotta concentrate on helping these kids out. Concentrate.

I shook my head against my conflicting thoughts and rushed towards Cobalt. 

"Hey, Cobalt. Can't you erase this man like you painted him in the first place? Maybe paint his canvas white? Huh?"

"I don't know if that would work Carmine. He could become invisible like Wisteria. Then we would have a bigger problem on our hands. I guess I'll at least get my easel down. Maybe we can think up something."

So saying, Cobalt rushed inside the house. He seemed to have some kind of information inside his brain that he was itching to try out. I sensed a detached excitement emanating from him, and it confused me no end. Why is Cobalt so happy when, in a way, all this is his fault?

He pranced back into the garden while I was looking over at Yellow teasing and further frustrating the warrior. His sword glinted under the night sky and his eyes shone with blood lust. I could hear Yellow's laughter all the way across the garden and sense the happiness in his flight.

Cobalt set up the easel and put some brushes and paints on the ground beside it. His emotions were running high; thrumming as if strung tight. I got curious and went to stand beside him.

"So, Cobalt. What is it that you are so excited to try out? I mean, what is it that you have discovered that you want to see for yourself?"

Cobalt stared at me with wide eyes, as if unable to understand the meaning of what I was saying.

"What...Why are you looking at me like that? I'm just curious."

"Uh...umm...How did you know that I wanted to try something out? Something new? I don't remember telling anyone about it." Cobalt's apparent distress at my statement was now plainly visible.

"No, you didn't tell me. But this vibe from you. You know, like you were not telling us something. That's all."

"What? How? I mean, you got a vibe? What's that supposed to mean?"

"Uff...let's discuss such trivial matters later. Just try whatever it is that you wanted to."

I was so engrossed in what Cobalt was doing that I had totally forgotten about the scene playing itself out in the garden. But we both suddenly looked up and away from the canvas when we heard Wisteria scream.

"He's disappearing. His arm just vanished. What's happening here?"

The End

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