Azo Orange - 15 minutes before: filling in the gaps.

"The garden?  The garden, Azo?!  Why here?  I'm trying to hide from Carmine not smell the flowers!"  Mikado said sternly.

"I know, but she won't expect you to be here.  Why are you running from her anyway?  You completely interrupted my conversation with Wisty.  She's gonna be totally mad at me now.  Not cool, man." I replied, quite unhappily.

"First of all, you're the one who teleported us here.  Second of all, Carmine would be mad at both of us if it weren't for you teleporting away from that mess in the kitchen.  She was trying to make me clean it because I'm the only one she could get to.  She almost cornered me in the bathroom, but I got away by throwing the dog at her.  So now she's really mad!" He threw his arms in the air to add emphasis to his last statement.

"I gotta fix things with Wisteria.  Go hide up on the roof or something." I waved him away and turned to start down the path.

"Ooh, I like your roof idea!  Wow, I should've thought of that one sooner.  Man, I love my power!"  I shook my head and kept walking.  "Why don't you teleport to her?" he called.

I stopped and turned.  Mikado was slowly ascending into the air. "Because I'm tired," I shouted back. "teleporting isn't as easy as it looks."

He flew towards me, "Then what's it like, Azo?  How does teleportation work?"

I smiled, "All you gotta do is picture and concentrate on the place you want to get to and then woosh..." I teleported to the roof and shouted, "you're there."  Mikado flew up and landed next to me on the roof.  "I teleport the same way with other people.  Except I have to be touching them.  It feels weird though.  It's like I leave a little part of me behind every time.  I feel drained, especially when teleporting other people... "I noticed my voice beginning to trail off, "it's worth it though!" I finished.  Smiling, I placed my hand on Mikado and teleported back down off the roof.  I stumbled and fell into Mikado's arms when we appeared back in the garden.

"Whoa!  Are you okay, Azo?!"

I shook my head and stood up. "Yeah, sorry I just blacked out for a second."

"Why'd you teleport me down?  I could've flown down, you know."

"I guess I just got carried away..." we both began walking towards the house again, completely forgetting that we were supposed to be hiding, when Kunichi the Samarai comes barreling at us with his scimitar poised directly at me.  Running close behind him was Wisteria and Myrtle both yelling at Kunichi to stop.  Mikado was first to react.  He grabbed me and flew me to the side just in time to save me from being severed in two.  Realization struck.  I pulled myself together, scrambled to my feet, and just dodged another hack from the cosmetically insane Samarai.  By now, just about everyone, except for Cobalt and Carmine, was gathered on and around the garden patio, unsure of what to do.  I dodged another attack and saw Mikado fly inside right as Carmine arrived.  I saw her face expression turn from an angry "I found you" to a "somebody do something!"  I tried to teleport, but couldn't concentrate on one spot long enough for it to kick in.  I was rid completely helpless among this rampaging, enraged, armored Samarai so lightly called Kunichi.

The End

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