Cobalt Blue - Getting a Grip

I was in desperate need of some fresh air I had been cooped up in the house for way to long and I could feel the walls pressing in on me.  It was hard to believe we had been in the house for less than a day.  It seemed like we had been trapped here for months, years even.  In the course of just one day each of our lives had been melted down and reshaped into something entirely different.

I went into my room to find Jenera looking out the window.  She turned as I entered and smiled when she saw me, "Sorry," I apoligized and then wondered why I was apoligizing, "I didn't realize you were in here."

"It's so beautiful out there." I nodded and moved toward my easil.  She moved to stand beside me, "Are you going to paint some more?"  She asked eagerly.

I nodded again, "Yes, but don't get your hopes up too high," I responded angrily,  "I won't be painting anymore people.  There were enough people already stuck in this stupid house before I went about creating more."

I sighed, noticing her look of pain and scolded myself for snapping again.  I didn't understand why my patience had been so short lately.  Sure we were under a lot of stress but that was no excuse.  I had six younger brothers and sisters and was used to high stress situations, never had I been so quick to snap for no reason.

"Look,"  I said apoligetically, "I didn't mean for it to come off like that.  I just...this is a lot for me to take in."

She nodded her understanding and placed her hand on my shoulder.  "I understand, Cobalt."  My name sounded weird on her tongue and I smiled, "It is a great responsibility you carry.  The ability to create life is not something that should be carried lightly.  With the ability to create also comes the ability to destroy."

I looked at her curiously, "What do you mean?"

She smiled, "Do not pretend you have not thought of it, Cobalt.  Have you not considered what would happen if you painted something that already existed?"

I shot an angry look at her, how dare she even bring that up. I knew exactly what happens when I painted something that already exists, I didn't have to wonder about it.  This whole conversation needed to end.  I didn't want to discuss my powers, especially my ability to destoy. 

I was just getting ready to tell Jenera as much when suddenly Mikado burst into my room without knocking, "Cobalt, you've got to come outside immediately.  It's Kunichi, I think he's going to kill Azo."

The End

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