Azo Orange - What a mess!

"Azo, why did you ask me to come out here with you?" Wisteria asked, eyes on the ground.

"I don't know.  For the company, I guess." I stated.  A patch of majestic violet flowers caught my eye about 8 feet away from me.  I bounded over and plucked a few from the ground. "Do you like- Wisteria?!"  She was gone.

I frowned, shrugged and -gripping the flowers tight - teleported straight to her room.  She was nowhere to be found.  I opened the violet door and looked down the hall to see if Wisteria was coming and instead found Mikado just coming out from his room.  I quickly shut Wisteria's door and teleported to my room.  I opened the door and walked out casually and watched as Mikado latched his door and set Buddy the puppy down on the wooden hallway floor.  He then pulled a chicken drumstick out of a small paper bag, waved it in the air, and flew right over me

"Look out, Azo!" he shouted with a grin.  Buddy tore off after him, barking as he ran.  Mikado laughed and zipped through the hallway and down the stairs.  I chuckled as Buddy tripped his way after him, then I teleported to the kitchen.  Right as I appeared, Mikado came flying around the corner and hit me square in the chest!


There went the container of rice and a grocery bag off the counter and onto the ground.  The container of rice burst open, sending rice sprawling all over the tile floor.  Me and Mikado both stood up laughing as Buddy slid in.  Mikado held up the chicken drumstick as Buddy jumped up to get it.  Just then, Carmine came around the corner looking VERY unhappy.

"Azo... Yellow.  You are beginning to test my patience.  Get out of here.  NOW."

Mikado dropped the Chicken and flew out of the kitchen through the other doorway.  I disappeared.  "I might as well look for Wisteria again.  I don't know where she disappeared to.  Oh!  Where'd I leave my flowers?  I thought.

I appeared in Wisteria's room and immediately felt assaulted by the bold Violet colors.  I got my senses together and turned to look for the bundle of flowers.  There was Wisteria, sitting on her bed, holding the sought after bundle, mouth agape.

"What are you doing in my room!" She asked, startled and taken aback.

"I- I was just looking for those flowers there." I stuttered.

"Why?  Are they for someone else?"

"Yes, I mean... No... er... where did you go when we were out in the garden?"

"I never left!  You're the one who decided to teleport away with those flowers, right in the middle of our conversation!" She stood and dropped the flowers on her bed, waiting for my reply.

Carmine screamed up the stairs before I could say anything.  "MIKADO! GET BACK DOWN HERE!"

Mikado flew through the door and landed hard on the ground.  "Hide me!" he whispered as he scrambled to his feet.

I smiled, grabbed Mikado by the shoulder, and disappeared.

"Wait, what am I doing?  I just ran off in the middle of a conversation again." I thought. "but, wait, I don't get it, she's the one who disappeared on me..."

The End

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