Carmine Red : It ain't a holiday!!!

What's going on here? People are fainting, flying, disappearing from one place and appearing in another, puppies from God-knows-where are staring at me in the mirror, and the warrior and that girl, don't even get me started on them. This is all too much. I feel like I'm the only one with no special talent to offer. But no one must know of this. If I lose control, this place will turn into a circus. Although it already is a freak show, but then any semblance of sanity that remains in this place will be lost forever.

My thoughts were the only safe haven for me on this island. Amidst over enthusiastic teenagers, and Cobalt, I felt trapped in a dream. Seeing the still form of Azurite had jolted me from a sort of limbo. This is real. Very real, I thought to myself. All this talk of super powers and special talents seemed to be truer than it had appeared to be earlier. I had seen a flying boy, one that teleported from one place to the next, and I was pretty certain that all the others here would soon discover their latent powers as well.

What had me a little worried was self-doubt of the worst kind. I had never experienced the feeling of inadequacy before this. And I did not like it. At all. I tried to sit tight in a corner of the noisy living room and think about anything special that I had done before I was brought to this island. But nothing came to  mind, except multi-million deals, and giant endorsement campaigns. My only achievements were ones that had made me the CEO of Majesty Hotels, Inc.

And all this left me deeply saddened. I saw the kids prancing about in the living room, with the Yellow one and the one with the orange-red hair fooling around with each other. Thankfully they didn't have a mattress between them, or else I would have had to yell at them. Again. Little by little, I was beginning to feel like an unpaid nanny to these insane kids.

If it had not been for Cobalt's presence in this mansion, I would have gone insane by now. It was his soothing and calm demeanor that made me hopeful of companionship in the midst of so many teenagers. Although the Green girl wasn't too bad either. She had this way of hovering and mothering the kids, and sometimes me, that made me slightly wary of her. No one had coddled me ever. So it was a pretty strange feeling.

Also, the girl who was infatuated with Azurite gave me the heeby-jeebies. She was never found around us, but when somebody called out to her, she suddenly appeared at some fringe of the gathering. Her attraction towards Azurite was pretty apparent to me, as well as to some other people around me. I could feel a sliver of jealousy from Azo, but I wasn't certain of what I felt from him. He was never serious about anything for more than a moment. So it was a little hard to be sure of his feelings.

But, it was obviously Cobalt that I sensed to be a little aloof and separated from everybody else. He was always a part of the crowd, but never seemed to gel with anyone other than Azurite and me. His feelings were a little jumbled up and hard for me to completely fathom. I felt like he was hiding something from everybody. At times I felt that he wanted to talk about it with someone, but then just as suddenly he would disappear to his room and brood.

These blizzards of emotions were tiring me out. I felt so exhausted that I could only dress up in jeans and a peasant top this morning. I didn't do my hair, and neither did I apply any make-up. It all felt like such a hassle, when I knew that all I would be doing the entire day was trying to achieve some kind of order in this chaotic mess.

And just when I felt my eyes droop slightly, a loud bang came from the kitchen. I went inside to see what the commotion was all about, and saw Azo and Mikado making the puppy jump for some chicken drumsticks. In the process they had knocked over the container of rice and had nearly mutilated a bag of groceries kept near the refrigerator.

"Azo...Yellow. You are beginning to test my patience. Get out of here. NOW."

The End

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