Cobalt Blue - The Creator

I finished my pancakes and stood up, picking up my plate and walking over to the sink to rinse it off before placing it in the dishwasher. 

"Hey Cobalt,"  Azo burst into the room Mikado close behind him.  They were obviously both excited about something, but since when was that new, "You're going to want to check out your room. There's a knight with a girl in there!"

"And I figured out my power!" Mikado cut in excitedly before I could comment on what Azo had said. "I can fly!" He lifted off the ground as we all sat there in awe.  Maybe this wasn't all such a hoax after all.

Mikado ran to the sliding door and ran outside jumping into the air as he did.  Everyone else followed him, excited to see the extent of his powers.  Maybe he would hit the top of the forcefield that was supposedly surrounding us and knock some sense into his skull.

Azo ran past me on his way outside and I grabbed him by the arm.  "Not so fast you, what were you saying earlier about there being people in my bedroom."

"Oh yeah," he said, apperantly all the excitement had caused him to forget.  "There's some knight looking, dude and chick up there." 

I brushed past him before he could finish and raced up to my room.   When I pushed open the door I froze in my tracks at the scene before me.  There stood a man wearing armor, the curved swords of a samari on his back.  A women was kneeling beside him stroking the puppy's belly.  

They both looked up as I entered and the samari drew his sword.  "Wait," I held up my hands in surrender.  "I'm not the enemy," 

The woman stood to her feet and placed her hand gently on the warriors arm.  He lowered his sword and she came toward me.  My heart was beating wildly as she reached up and touched my cheek, her hand came back wet with some paint that I had forgotten to wipe off my face.  She smiled and turned back towards the warrior.  "We mustn't hurt him, Kunichi, he is the creator."

It took me a moment to comprehend what she meant, that's when I noticed her left hand, it had two large block-like fingers and a thumb instead of five individual fingers.  "I don't believe this!"  I said in amazement. 

An idea popped into my head and I ran across the room to the easel.  "I want to try something,"  I said to the woman, who I now realized was an elf.  The woman nodded and I quickly set to work, a couple minutes later the picture was finished, her hand complete.  I ran to her side and grabbed her hand gently in my own.  A grin spread across my face as I watched the two finger seperate into four.  "This is amazing."

She pulled her hand from mine and examined her hand a smile spreading across her face, "Thank you."  She said smiling.  She turned to show Kunichi, who in turn stared at me in amazement. 

"He is the creator."

"It's Cobalt actually,"  I corrected him, "Please, call me Cobalt."

"And I am Jenera, lady of the forest."

The End

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