Azo Orange - Oh right, blame it on the teleporter.

"A puppy?!"  I said with my mouth crammed full of pancakes.

"Oh, like you didn't know about this." replied Carmine, sarcasm dripping from her voice. "what kind of sick joke is this, Azo?  And where did you get this thing anyway?

"Wait, what?" I swallowed "I didn't put that poor thing in your room?!"

"Then who did, Azo?  When I was putting my makeup on there was no dog.  I reach for my hairbrush and look back in the mirror and there's a dog, looking confused as ever.  Who else could've put that thing in my room besides you?"

"Wait!" Azurite piped in "That looks just like the dog that Cobalt painted this morning, doesn't it, Cobalt?"

"Yeah, sort of, but what does that have to do with anything?" 

"That doesn't resolve the issue of Azo putting this thing in my room!" Carmine's tone escalated slightly.

"Carmine!" Azurite stood "Azo didn't put that thing in your room.  No one did.  It just... appeared there..." he trailed off in thought.

"Would someone please take this thing?" Carmine cut in.  I ran over and tore the dog out of her hands, holding him close. "What do you mean the dog just appeared in my room?  Dogs don't just pop up randomly in a woman's room."

Now Mikado spoke, "You know, we did see and hear of some pretty strange things last night, talking 'bout powers and all.  Maybe it was somebody here, they just don't know it yet."

"I claim him!" I shouted, "he can be my matress surfing buddy.  That's it!  I'll call him Buddy."  I grinned ear to ear as I set Buddy down.

"Wow, could we pick anything more original?" Cobalt asked.

"We are not keeping the dog.  We're gonna find out where it came from and give it back, right guys?"  Carmine's arms were crossed and her face screamed frustration.

"But it doesn't have a collar, Carmine.  And Azurite said that it just appeared in your room so I'm keepin' it.  Come on, Buddy."  I scooped up the puppy and walked out of the kitchen, heading for the staircase.  Cobalt called after me, "Give it a better name, Azo.

I started up the stairs, "Hmm, Surfer? Nah.  Mattress?  No, no, no.  Ah, Matt!  Now that might- " Just then, I heard a faint thumping sound coming from Cobalt's room at the end of the hallway.  I stopped in my tracks and listened.  Mikado came bounding up the stairs behind me.

"Shhh."  I whispered before he could get a word out. "Listen..." A shadow passed through the light from under Cobalt's door.  "Mikado?"

"What?"  He whispered.

"Everyone's downstairs, right?


I gulped, then put my hand on his shoulder just in case.  We bothed inched forward, driven by the curiousity of the unknown.

The End

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