Cobalt Blue - A Need to Paint

I walked into my room Azo's words burning in my ears. "Powers?" I said out loud to the silence of the room.  The thought just seemed too big to comprehend.  If I had powers wouldn't I have figured it out by now?

I crossed the room and pushed back the blue curtains covering the window.  The sun was starting to peek it's shiny head over the trees and I knew that I probably wasn't going to get much more sleep tonight.  The night was over and the day was starting to begin.  I turned to see the easel next to me, the paints seemed to be calling my name.  I hadn't done done any painting in nearly four years.  After the death of my sister, I had promised to never paint again.  It had always been her that had encouraged me to paint, her who had seen the greatness of it, when she was gone, the desire left with me.  Yet the desire was great within me tonight.  I would paint to honor her memory.

I considered painting the sunrise but that sounded just a little too cliche to me.  I thought of my dream from the night before.  The one with the puppy, samari warrior and elvin maiden.  I wasn't sure why those things were still in my mind after all that had happened but since they were I thought they would make good subjects for my artwork. 

I painted until the sun had risen completly above the trees.  The puppy had been finished hours ago and I just had a couple more finishing touches left on my warrior and maiden before the painting would be complete.  Maybe I would hang it in the living room, those walls needed some sprucing up.

There was a knock on my door and Azurite came in.  "Hey we're all going downstairs to get some breakfast seeing how most of us can't sleep after all the excitement last night." I nodded, focusing my attention back on my painting.  Azurite came over to stand next to me.  "Wow that is really good, did you do that?"

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep and this blank canvas was calling my name."  I put down my brush and wiped the paint off my hands, sitting back to look at it.  "It's not finished yet though."  I said pointing at the maiden, one of her hands was unfinished and her pointed ear was crooked.  "I'll fix it later."  I said standing up and following Az out of the room.

We joined the rest of the teenagers in the kitchen and I noticed that Carmine wasn't there probably still sleeping I thought.  The teenagers were all sitting around the table and digging into a plate full of pancakes.  Myrtle was standing by the stove, covered with flour with another plate in her hand, a smile stretching from ear to ear.  "Glad someone finally likes my cooking," she said placeing the plate on the table, "My family almost never seems to appreciate it."

I sat down at the table grabbing a couple pancakes and plopping them down on my plate and lathering them in syrup.  I ate my food quietly listening as the kids discussed the events from last night, especially Azo, who wouldn't shut up about his ability to teleport.  "-I was just sitting in my bed wishing for water when I found myself in the kitchen."  He said for the thousandth time.  "I decided I wanted to go to the Bahama's but when I tried I bumped into this forcefield."

"Wait what?"  I hadn't heard this part of the story before.

"Yeah there's some kind of a forcefield around the island, we can't leave."

"Why didn't you say this before,"

"I was going to," he shot back defensivly, "but there was too much other things going on last night, I didn't get the chance."

"You mean we're stuck here?"  Wisteria said from where she sat next to Azurite, they had both been quieter than usual all through breakfast, maybe the whole power thing was making them as uncomfortable as it was making me.

"Yes Wisteria," I said, "It sounds like we're stuck here."

Just then the door to the kitchen burst open and there stood Carmine, holding a small dog in her arms and looking very, very angry.  "Would you guys mind telling me where on earth this dog came from and what he was doing in my room?"

The End

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