Carmine Red : Calm Down!!

Hearing doors slamming down the corridor, I made my way into my inferno. Yeah that's what it felt like when you took your first step into my room, I thought to myself. Like you had stepped into a blazing fireplace, or maybe a forest fire. The night's events had become crazier as the sun's pale light bled into the darkness. It was nearly dawn, and I had had no sleep at all. 

My hair was scrunched atop my head, and my nightgown was crumpled from all the fitful pacing in the hallway and the living room.Powers. I had powers. Yeah right, I snorted quietly. If I'd had any I'd have known by now, right? These kids really didn't know what they were talking about. Superheroes. Bah!

And that weird Orange bloke. Must have learned that trick he displayed downstairs from some two-bit roadside magician. Thinking he can fool us into believing his antics. Well, I don't know about the others, but I sure didn't fall for his shenanigans.

Well, I have had enough excitement to last me a week, let alone a day. Standing in front of the dresser, I noticed some puffiness beneath my eyes, and a paleness to my skin. Appalled, I opened the top drawer to find my favourite night cream inside. Visibly relieved and pleasantly surprised at my discovery, I applied the lotion gently on my face. Rummaging through the contents of the drawer, I also found the body gel that I used at home. Taking it inside the bedroom, I uncorked the lid and sat on the bed for my daily ritual of moisturizing. 

I had just begun to spread the gel on my legs when I heard a loud bang a couple of doors down from mine. And it really got on my nerves. Oh! Come on. It's nearly morning. Don't these maniacs need to sleep. I wish they'd all calm down for like a couple of hours, 'coz God knows I need my beauty sleep.

For a second or two, the noise persisted. But just as suddenly as it had forced its way into my ears, it quietened down perceptibly. Hearing no more commotion, I went back to replenishing my skin and then snuggled up under my pale rose duvet and shut my eyes to catch my beauty sleep.

That's the second time tonight, but Red is off to bed!!


The End

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