Cobalt Blue - A Meeting at Sunrise

I escorted everyone to the living room and made my way to the middle of the room as they all found seats around me.  It felt strange standing there in the same place that Tim Watson had stood just hours before.  But this time instead of creating more questions for us, hopefully this meeting would create some answers. 

The sky was beginning to lighten in the east as the last of the teenagers entered the room and took a seat.  I scanned the room to see that Azo, Mikado and Wisteria were missing.  I turned to Azurite "where's everyone else."

Before he could answer Azo burst through the door with the other two behind him, "Sorry we're late,"  he said as they found seats and sat down. "Now what's this all about?"

"Well me and Azurite were talking and we think we might have found a couple answers.  It seems that this Tim Watson character that came in here earlier -"

"Wait,"  Carmine interrupted, "how do you know his name?"

I brushed off the question, knowing that the answer would not satisfy her anymore than it had satisfied me, I still planned on interregating Azurite later, "That's not what's important, what's important is that he's a government agent intent on using us to complete some kind of a mission."

"But why us?"  spoke up Myrtle, "what makes us so special?"

"I can answer that one." Said Azo jumping to his feet and running to the middle of the room next to me.  Suddenly he was center stage and all eyes were on him.  "It's cause we're special that's why,"

Me and Az exchanged glances, we had come to that conclusion, but as Az had said earlier we weren't sure what they meant by that.  "What makes you say that?"  Azurite asked, I could tell that he was skeptical.  I couldn't help but wondering if he had been spying on us, after all he was the only one not found in his room when we went to wake everyone up. 

Azo smiled mischieviously at Az's question "because I can teleport."  The room became deathly silent, everyone stareing at him in shock.  He grinned at our reactions, "Here let me show you."  He took a deep breath and then bam just like that he was gone, a second later he had returned.  Still no one dared speak too shocked at this turn of events to even comment.

"Don't you see?"  Azo was glad to take advantage of the silence, "We're like superhero's.  The government must have some kind of a mission that only a bunch of super humans can handle."

"But I don't have any super powers,"  spoke up Wisteria from where she sat next to Mikado, "I'm nothing special, just boring old, overlooked Wisteria"

Azo frowned, "don't say that, Wisteria, I didn't even know I could teleport until I came here.  Maybe that's just it, maybe we were brought here so that we could figure it out together without the added pressures that we have at home.  Here we have nothing to worry about, nothing to distract us, we literally have nothing to do but discover our powers."

"This all really makes sense."  Said Azurite from where he sat next to me, he turned toward me and his eyes lit up, "It would explain so much."

The End

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