Azo Orange -- That was Quick


I fell flat on my rump, flabbergasted. What in all of silver swim trunks had happened? I stood up, rubbing my head and tried to run forwards--only to be knocked back down. I turned my head around to see the mansion several meters away.

You have to be kidding me. I thought forcefields were only in--forget it, I  was in one of those movies! I was stuck, like a vulnerable dolap of peanut butter in a spoon, just waiting for the over-powering hand to spread me on the peice of bread.

But hey, it couldn't be all that bad. Shrugging the helplessness off, I screwed my eyes shut and brought up the image of the front door in my head, hoping to get there before anyone woke up.



"Shh!" I hissed at the door, wondering why I hadn't just teleported straight to my room. I crept, on tip-toes, through the living room and up the stairs. All I would have to do was take that note down, take my tennis shoes off, and--

I looked up to see seven pairs of eyes staring at me. They were all crammed in my room and had my note in hand and I suddenly felt both famous and foolish.

"Haha. Funny story about that note," I said, rubbing the back of my neck, "I could tell it to you if you have the time..."

They obviously didn't. Or at least Mike didn't.

"Azo!!!" Here he came, at at least twenty-five miles and hour, right into my gut. I tried to laugh but was all out of air as we tumbled down the stairs. 

I should leave more often.

"How was the Bahamas?!" Mikado asked as we untangled ourselves, "You should've taken me with you!"
"Remind me and I will," I grinned, not in the mood to break the news that we were trapped.

We heard Cobalt say something about getting us back up so he could tell them something or other, but I beat everyone to it, climbing the stairs  before they were halfway down. That's when I noticed Wisteria moving towards her room.

I caught up to her and tapped on her right shoulder. She jerked her head around just as I teleported to the left side of her. Turning back, she finally saw me.

"Azo," she giggled.

"Where ya goin?"
"Just to bed," she shrugged with a yawn, "It wasn't worth getting up. They can just tell me in the morning."

"Aw c'mon," I gently grabbed hers shoulders and turned her around, "It'll be no fun without you."

"Try telling them that," she sneered.

With a frown I decided to change the subject, "Wanna see something really cool?"

"Sure," she answered slowly, watching me carefully.

"I do!" Mikado said, rushing up to meet us. I chuckled, more than happy he was here.

"Okay. Don't blink or you might miss it."

I grabbed one of each's arm and visualized my room.


"See?" I wanted to laugh out loud at everyone's expressions, but I only grinned, "Cool huh?"

The End

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