Azo Orange--A Marvelous Discovery!

It probably wasn't until midnight that Mikado and I retired to bed. There was a whole house to explore and, having many of the same ideas, we were quick comerades. We polished off a box of Cap'n Crunch, messed around on the spinning chairs, played hide-and-go-seek (which is really hard in a place your unfamiliar with), and even set up a few booby-traps (don't tell anyone.)

But eventually my eyes began to droop and I suggested to Mikado that we'd best get to bed before anyone, out on a voyage to the bathroom, hit one of the traps, found us out and about, and threatened to toss us out of the second-story window. He agreed and we parted ways.

I liked my room. I didn't even know it was legal to throw  that much vivid orange in one place. But what really kept my boat afloat was how the floor curved up to the walls creating a type of half-pipe. Plus, I found a brand-spanking-new skateboard in the closet.

Life was good.


I awoke from the microwave of a desert I had been journeying in with a throat of sand-paper.


I looked over lazily to see the red glowing numbers read: 2:30 a.m. I let out a patheticly loud sigh and glared at the ceiling. Water was all the way down the stairs...If only I could somehow--


"Woa!" I cried out as I landed on the tiled floor. I gingerly got to my feet and made sure I was all still there. I wasn't aware that I slept walked--or ran, as it appeared. Or had I even woke up in the first place?

I pinched myself just to make sure.

"Ow!" Yup.

It was 2:34 exact when the idea struck me. I eyed the cupboard and--whoosh!--I was there. I laughed out loud. I could teleport! No way! No wonder those guys were after me. I had to be some sort of super hero or something. Why hadn't I discovered this earlier?

But wait, maybe I had. It would explain that one time when I accidently walked into the girl's bathroom. All I remember was meeting wide eyes with a terrified blonde.

"EEEK!!" she squealed.

"AAAH!!" I screamed.

Then I was outta there. And in the library of all places. I had always thought I had just dead ran for my life, but tonight proved otherwise.


It wasn't until 4:00, after accidently transporting into and activating one of Mike and I's traps, that I finally decided to teleport back to my room.

Then I thought about it. You know where I always wanted to go?

The note on my door read:

Went to the Bahamas. Be back whenever. To Mikado: hands off the Cap'n Crunch--the rest are mine. Love Azo. Azo Orange.


The End

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