Carmine Red : Duh...!!

Stepping foot inside the cavernous room at the end of the corridor, I glanced around in confusion. Why were the walls red? And by red I meant the blazing, bright red that stings one's eyes. This was going from bad to worse. Getting kidnapped, being forced to stay in a house full of teenagers with brimming hormones, a weird man coming in and making announcements like they would do me any good, and now the latest; having to live in a room where I would have to walk with my eyes shielded from the paint on the walls.

There was no mistaking that a lot of the decorating had been done in accordance with my taste and in keeping with the decor at my apartment. But it was really frustrating that they had painted the walls in a colour that was also my name. It could have been a rose red tone, or maybe a pale red, or even better if it wasn't red at all. But then again, I didn't have another choice now, did I?

Trying to get over my initial disappointment, I saw a heavy oak four-post bed that took up most of the space inside the room. And it was covered with a pale brown and red bedspread, which I instantly took a liking to. The headboard was ornately carved and two fluffy pillows were set up against it. I noticed several paperbacks on the bedside table, many by authors that I made a habit of reading. There was a crystal jug filled with water and a cabaret-cut glass beside it. A lamp with a gilded shade completed the inventory on the bedside table.

I walked towards the huge oak sliding doors at the other end of the room and opened them hesitantly. The sight that appeared before my eyes really took the wind out of my sails. There was a walk-in closet behind those doors. Endless shelves and racks were piled with branded clothes and accessories, there was a separate glass enclosure for more than twenty pairs of shoes, and an oak paneled dresser at the very end. 

For a moment my glee surpassed my irritation at being dumped like a sack of potatoes on this God-forsaken island. I slid the doors of heaven shut and headed to check what was behind the last closed door. It was a bathroom, paved with marble and granite in soft sandy tones. The basin was shaped like a sea shell and was tinted with pink strokes. The bathtub was a stupendous imitation of a sunken lily pond, very similar to the one I had at my family estate. It was lined with a variety of luxury toiletries and soft, downy towels in dull red.

Seeing as my accommodations were more than satisfactory, I decided to give this game another chance. It couldn't be as bad as I had earlier thought when the Boss, whoever that might be, was pulling out all stops for ensuring my comfort. Apart from the one irritating  fact that I had to live under the same roof with out-of-control teenagers, maybe I could treat this unexpected happening as a vacation begging to be enjoyed.

I stripped off my soiled cocktail dress and slid into a satin gown that I found on a rack in the bathroom. Having washed my face and tied my hair in a knot, I headed towards the bed for my beauty sleep.

Maybe tomorrow would bring more worries, or maybe more answers, but tonight I was going to concentrate solely on the plushness of my mattress. 

Red was off to bed.

The End

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