Cobalt Blue - Creating More Questions

The sound of Wisteria's scream halted the conversation between me and Carmine mid sentence.   We all bolted for the door and I reached it first throwing it open and taking a step backwards at the sight of a burly man in a tux heading towards us.  He pushed past me, Azo and Wisteria close behind, both looking equally terrified at the man's sudden apperance.

"Good, you're all here."  The man said from the center of the room,  we remained standing by the door and he motioned in the direction of the surrounding chairs, "won't you sit down."  Carmine and the teenagers all moved to obey and then the man turned to me.  "Cobalt?"

"I'd rather stand."  I said matter-of-factly.

He nodded and turned back toward the group of attentive listeners.  "I'm sure you're all wondering why you are here."

I snorted, that was an understatement.

He continued, "You have all been brought here for a very special reason.  I reason that as of yet I am not authorized to tell you."

"What do you mean you're not authorized?"  I demanded, "who are you anyway?"

"My name is unimportant to you, what is important is that you were brought here for a purpose, a purpose that will be revieled to you at the proper time."

Carmine spoke up now, "How long exactly will we have to be here?  I don't know about all the rest of these kids here, but I had a life before all this, I am a very important person."

"You'll stay here until I deem nessesary," the man snapped, "until then I would advise you to get aquainted and get comfortable."

"I don't want to stay here,"  Carmine complained again.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find you're room quite to your liking."  he looked around the room again, "I would advise you all to get some sleep."  he crossed to the door and disappeared before any of us had a chance to even move.

"Well then," Azo piped up, "that was exciteing."

"Yeah,"  said Myrtle, "but he didn't answer all our questions.  We still don't know why we're here, or how long we have to stay here."

"Judging by our bedrooms," Azurite said standing up, "they expect it to be awhile."

I sighed, realizing that he was right. "We best get to bed.  It's been a long day for all of us and it sounds like we're going to have plenty of time to answer these in the next couple of days."

Everyone nodded in agreement and they headed off in the direction of their rooms.

I climbed the stairs to my room and closed the door behind me.  The last thing I had wanted to do was consider this room as my own but it seemed as if I wasn't being given a choice.  I plopped myself on my bed exhausted not even bothering to change out of my jeans or pull back the blankets.

I look at the bright moon shining through the blue curtains and my eyes fall on the easel.  The desire to paint consumes me, and although I promised myself that I would never paint again, I am sure that it won't be long before I cave.  My eyes are getting heavy and my last thought before I drift off to sleep is: "Tomorrow I just have to try them."

The End

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