Azo Orange -- Meeting the Boss

I had finally convinced the Violet chic to take a turn down the stairs. She was a little cautious but didn't seem to mind the attention it gave her so it wasn't long before I had her in tow, mattress under my arm, back up the stairs for the fiftieth time.

Sure maybe we were in danger but it didn't seem too urgent, not yet anyways. Besides, I could tell we all needed a little stress reliever after today's events.

"Okay," I laid the mattress on the floor, "It's a lot funner if you go on your stomach and you go faster, so that's what I suggest."

"And if I crash?" she asked, lying down on her stomach.
"You won't." I smiled, at loss of any other answer. I was about to give the mattress a good kick start when--

"I'm not impressed."

I nearly leaped out of my shoes and Westeria let out a small shriek. We jerked our heads around to see that a man in tux,arms folded across his broad chest.

"We throw you all in one house to see how well you work together and this is what you do?"

I smiled and motioned towards the mattress, "You wanna try?"

He scowled, "I hope you're not all like this."
I rose an eyebrow, "You mean to tell me you go out of the trouble to kidnap a bunch of people and then expect them to act a certain ideal way? Fat chance of that pal. What do you want from us anyways?"
"Just about everything. Don't worry, you'll forgive me later," he pushed past Westeria and I and headed down towards the living room, "I would suggest you finish whatever it is your doing. I may answer a few of your questions."

The End

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