Carmine Red : "Where's My Aspirin?"

Standing in the middle of the well-decorated living room, I had begun to feel like a foster mother to these amazingly weird kids. It felt like my energy reservoirs had been running on fumes for the past couple of years. A sudden bout of exhaustion caught me by surprise. The sheer exuberance that these kids were exhibiting was beyond description. Especially the Yellow and Orange kids. They seemed to have taken some kind of banned substance, such was their excitement. Both of them were like tiny whirlwinds, wrecking havoc where ever they went. 

Thankfully the others were a little more stable; a little more aware of the fact that we were not on a picnic, but had been brought here against our wills for an undisclosed reason. I had hopes of fostering a bond, however tentative that may be, with the Indigo fellow. He seemed to be the most balanced of the lot, and also one who did not crave for a slice of my attention.

Just when things were reaching an all-time high decibel level, there was a sudden lull in the haphazard conversations. Green walked in with a tall, blonde man. Or maybe he was an overgrown kid. I didn't know. But I kept my fingers crossed in the hope that he wasn't as fond of Mattress Mania as Yellow and Orange were. Then I realized that he had to be the missing-in-action Blue.

I reached my hand out to him, hoping to get a vibe off him. Yeah, that's my oddity, if you must call it that. I sometimes think that I can feel emotions around me. I know it's a little weird, but it's true. I can't remember names as well as the emotions hidden behind the faces of people. And I also think that this is one of the most important reasons for my success at such a young age. My ability to read others' emotions.

Anyways, I liked the warmth radiating from Blue's hand, but it was accompanied by a slight hesitation, or maybe a kind of blockage. I felt like he was gauging me. I smiled convincingly at him, trying to put him at ease. 

"So....where have you..."

And before I could complete my sentence, I heard a scream resounding from the direction of the stairwell.


The End

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