Carmine Red : No Touching...PLEASE!!

The next time I opened my eyes, the sun had reached its zenith in the sky and was blazing. I was lying at the other end of the forest that I had ventured into last night. As I opened my eyes properly, rubbing the goop out of them, I saw that two heavy set men dressed all in black were standing in front of a mansion. It wasn't as spacious as my family home, and neither was it as classy, but it was beautiful nonetheless. In fact I was surprised to see a structure like that on such a remote beach.

The men were talking among themselves in soft, hushed tones. I tried to strain my ears but was able to catch only snatches of their conversation. "Red, yeah that's her name."  " in that place...."  "Cab driver was our guy..."   "....idea why they have been brought here..."  "....too smart for her own...."

I tried to get up, but the noise that I made alerted one of the men. He signaled to the other man and walked swiftly towards me. He took hold of my wrist and twisted it a little, while the other man stood right in front of me, as if to stop me from escaping. 

"Don't you dare touch me, okay. I am not an object that you can violate without consequences. I..."

"Shut your trap, Lady. I don't wanna hear no crap from you anymore. Enough of a hassle bringing you here, and now being stuck with you for the whole night. Get walking or I may just have to pick you up and deposit you inside the house."

Sensing that he would do just that, with as much attitude as I could, I straightened my back, and started walking towards the mansion. A couple of windows were open, and I could see flashes of movement inside the house. Kids, the guy had said. 

As we neared the door of the house, the man walking behind me let go of my wrist and pushed me towards the entry way. "Now off you go. Inside. Go on."

I stumbled inside through the door, and was suddenly met with the sight of excited teenagers rushing towards the door. A red haired boy stuck his hand out towards me and said, "So, you must be Red?"

"Huh...How do you know my name?"

"'Coz you make up the rainbow, that's how."

Seeing my perplexed reaction to his abrupt statement, he grinned from ear to ear and then said, "I'm Orange...Azo Orange."

One by one, a procession of teenagers in various shapes and sizes surrounded me. Each of them introduced themselves to me. I couldn't recall their first names but the one thing that struck me was that their last names were all colours. Just like mine. Green, Yellow, Indigo, Violet. 

The only colour missing in the entire rainbow scheme was blue. Maybe I had miscounted the number of kids. No, wait. I hadn't. There wasn't anybody by the name Blue. Shrugging my shoulder delicately, I turned my gaze towards the Green girl and asked her, "So, we don't have a Blue yet in our midst, do we?"

She smiled at me and pointed to the stairwell, "He must be around here somewhere. Quiet sort of fellow. Goes by the name Cobalt. He's closer to you in age, actually. Maybe he went to his room. That's what I heard one of the guys say."

I looked at the room where I was standing. The beautiful walls, the impeccable taste in furnishings, and the huge bay windows which were letting the breeze in. Suddenly my train of thought was disrupted by a loud cheer or whoop of some sort by the Orange kid or maybe the Yellow one. And my next thought was, Oh my God, I hope I am not their babysitter!!"

The End

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