Cobalt Blue - Some Much Needed Silence

Another captive has arrived but I could care less.  All this tension of seeing who it is and running to the door to meet them,  introductions only to find yet another with a color name, it's enough to drive anyone batty.   I slowly slip away from the group, tired of all this noise and excitement, it's never been something I enjoyed.

I come from a large family, the oldest child of seven, ever since I was twelve years old I've needed my space, needed a place where I could go to sit and think and just relax.  While the others are greeting the newest member of our little band, another kid, I think he said his name was Azurite Indigo, I grab my pack and slip out of the room.

The house is huge I peek into a couple rooms to see a living room, kitchen and TV room all void of decoration and then find a master staircase.  I climb the stairs and peek into a couple rooms all of them bedrooms.  "Orange, violet, indigo, yellow"  I mutter to myself, "just like our names."  I push open a couple more rooms to find a green and red room which tells me that more are to come. 

 Finally I find the blue room, all the way at the end of the hall convenietly located away from the rest.  Although I love the location, it makes me uneasy to think that who ever brought us knew me well enough to seperate me from the rest. 

I go inside and throw my bag down on a blue chair inside the door.  The room is covered in art from some of my favorite artists, the desk perfectly organized, an easel is set up by the window and I walk over to it.  The very best oil paints are on the table next to it.  I brush my fingers across the paint, trying to remember the last time I held a paint brush.

It would have been years ago, four at least, me and my sister had probably ventured out into the woods and she had suggested I paint such and such and I had.  I shook my head clear of the memory, thinking of it only makes me miss her more.  I just want to go home.

 I look out the window and my breath catches at the sight.  It's beautiful, absolutly breathtaking.  I wonder if anyone else has this type of view from their rooms.  "Listen to me," I scold myself, "already thinking of this place as home."  I shake my head in disgust and turn to leave. 

I grab my bag on my way out and close the door angrily behind me, heading back down the stairs to join the others.  I can hear them talking and can tell that someone else has arrived.  "Who will it be?" I ask no one in particular, "Green or Red?"  

The End

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