Cobalt Blue - "You've Got to be Kidding"

I had gone with the woman easily enough, especially once I had met the two big brutes she had with her.  I don't like to cause a lot of trouble.  I was honestly more worried about what would happen to my sister when I didn't come to pick her up, then I was about what would happen to me. 

We drove for what seemed like ages and after awhile I gave up trying to remember the directions we turned.  Finally we pulled up in front of a beautiful house...the prettiest I've ever seen.  One of the men climbed out and opened the door for me.  He tried to handcuff me but I pulled away, "I'm going," I snapped as I moved toward the door. 

The man pushed opened the door and nudged me inside, slamming the door behind me without another word.  It took my eyes a moment to adjust to the semi-darkness and when they did I noticed two kids standing in front of me staring at me curiously.

"Hello," said the red-headed boy as he bounded toward me and stuck out his hand, "I'm Azo, Azo Orange that is, and this is Wisteria Violet.  What's your name."

"Cobalt Blue." I said.

"Ha," Azo shouted,  "You have a color name too." 

"You've got to be kidding, you think they chose us because of our names?  Yeah right, that's got to be just coincence." 

"Hey guys," Wisteria said from where she stood by a front window, "Someone else is here."

I ran to her side to join her, Azo right behind me.  "We'll see who's right,"  Azo stated, "I bet they'll all have color names."

I shook my head, why'd I have to get stuck with a bunch of kids. 

The End

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