Azo Orange--Places to go, People to see

I watched anxiously out of the window as the car pulled into the driveway of what appeared to be a five-star hotel. What? I thought things would begin to make sense once they brought me to their destination. I thought wrong.

The two hunks of human climbed out and moved towards my door. I tried to scramble towards the opposite one but before I could they opened it and one of them grabbed me by the foot. The other clutched my shoulders and yanked me out of the vehicle despite my desperate struggles. Fancy house or not I wasn't about to let these brutes take me anywhere; I had my own two feet. 

"C'mon kid," the first growled, shoving my head down and frog-marching me forward, "We don't have time for this."

And they thought I did? Well did I have news for--Woa! I looked up as they opened the door to see basically my dream house, minus the homely accesories, skatepark, and indoor pool (but I was sure the bathtubs they had could cover.)

"You've got company!" the second man announced to the air. I rose an eyebrow at him, curious as to who he was talking to.

Oh yeah, 'the others.' I scanned the room once more but to no avail. No one was in sight. So I squinted, as if that would help anything, and searched once more. 

Was that a flash of purple?

Before I could decide I felt the handcuffs fall from my wrists and I looked down at them to see a red ring around each. Sheesh. Were they really that intent on taking me to such an awesome place? Why?

"We'll be back," the first one muttered, violently offering me a seat on the couch by forcing me into the cushions, "So don't try anything stupid."

I hid a smirk, knowing our defintions of the word were worlds apart. They stomped off and left with a slam of the door, leaving the place deathly silent.

Too silent. I stood up and decided to find some clues when I eyed the staircase...

"Whooohoooo!!" I shouted with glee on my couch-cusion sled. I had always wanted to do this. My hat nearly flew off my head from the momentum and I had to reach up and grab it, distracting me for a moment--a rather vital moment. Before I knew it, my nose was smelling more carpet than I'd ever wished it to and my foot, which I had caught in the railing, was at loss of its shoe as I tumbled down. Who'd put that railing there anyways?

Head, shoulder, cushion, back, knee, head, shoulder--Deja vu--back, knee, cushion, head, thud, "ooof!"

I untangled myself to see I had landed on someone. And not just someone, a girl. Stumbling over both my feet and words, I helped her up.

"I'm so sorry," I witheld a laugh, still reeling from the thrill, "I didn't see you there."

"Its alright," she said with a cautios smile, "I'm fine. What were you doing?"
"Something stupid," I sneered.


"Nothing," I chuckled, "So you're here to?"
"Yes. But where exactly is here?"
"You're guess is as good as mine."
She looked up at me strangely, "Do you usually ride cushions down stairs in places you don't know?"

I laughed out loud, "Well, I don't know. I was just bored."
"You've been here for two minutes."

She decided to change the subject, "What's your name?"
"Azo. Azo Orange. Yours?"
"Wisteria Violet."
"Really? That's cool. What a coinkadink."

We both turned at the sound of a tires crunching on the rocks of the driveway.

"Hey," I grinned, "Maybe they brought someone else."

She didn't say anything in response but it was obvious she was curious too. I rushed to the window to see and she followed close behind.

I had guess right. Now if only I could figure out why.

The End

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