Azo Orange

I leaped onto the board and gave a good kick, focusing on the largest--and most damaged--ramp in the whole park. It hadn't been used in a while and I thought it might feel neglected.

"You're crazy."
"Really?" I smirked, gaining more speed, "What makes you think that?"

The vibrations of the board slightly changed as the whirring wheels went from pavement to wood. The air rushed past me as if trying to force me away from danger. I wished it luck.

I acclerated higher and higher, faster and faster, until I reached the top. Kicking the board up, I clutched the end of it and did a type of handstand, adrenalin pumping through my vains satisfyingly.


Uh oh.

Creeak, crack, crash!! The rotting wood I held onto finally gave way, sending me tumbling down the ramp probably faster than I had gone up, my 'orange' hair falling over my eyes time and again. Head, arm, shoulder, hip, head, arm, shoulder, hip, knee, head, arm, shoulder, back, hip, head--by tommorrow I would be nothing but a giant bruise with legs.

I reached the pavement again, half groaning half laughing. My friend came over to me and his head blocked the sun as he looked down, hands on hips, "Smooth."

"As a staircase," I chuckled, sitting up and taking his hand so he could help me to my feet, "Hey, where's my board?"

We both looked over to see a man in a black leather jacket and a mess of whiskers as mismatched as his outfit. But what really caught my attention was the familiar peice of wood under his arm.

"Hey!" I called out, "That's mine, sir. Could you please--" He took off running.

"What the? Hey you!" I tore off after him.

"Azo dude! Just leave it; stranger danger, hasn't your mom ever told you?"
Well yes, but that rule didn't apply when the guy was taking off with my skateboard!


"I'll be right back," I threw my reply over my shoulder before quickening my pace.


I skidded around the corner, nearly toppling over a girl on her bike, and continued my chase. He had me by at least half a block, but I had him by at least half a decade so it wasn't long  before I caught up. But the guy wasn't giving up, he had a strange look on his face as if he were quite literally running for his life. If teenagers frightened him so much, what was in his bowl of cereal this morning that made him decide to draw that kind of attention to himself?

"Sir!" I panted, "Could I just have my skateboard back please?"

He didn't reply, just stared straight ahead. My eyebrows furrowed and I decided I had no choice. I fell back a few steps and proceeded to lunge forward and tackle him to the sidwalk. We rolled for a few feet before I finally got a hold of my board--but prying it from his grasp was another story.

Police sirens. They were a normal occurance in our city so I paid little mind--until they stopped at us. I felt an officer's large hands reach under me and yank me off of the man--who still stubbornly held my board--and clamp cold handcuffs on my shaky wrists. I stared at them in shock. What on earth had I done? Did they think I had hurt the guy?  

Then my stomach lurched: what would my parents do?

"Well done Greg," the one holding me snickered, throwing him a wad of cash to the thief, "You're family is safe."

I felt like I was on some sort of murder-case T.V. series--or a demented reality show. But before I could decide, the other officer opened the door of the cab and my captor shoved me inside.

My eyes must've been as wide as tennis balls if not rackets. Were these real police? I hadn't known any to simply arrest people off the side of the street with no explanation and hand the real criminal a stash of cash.

"Azo Orange," the one in the driver's seat sneered, his voice reminding me of the type of bad guys you find in comic books, "We've been looking for you for a long time. Apparently we've been looking too hard if all it took was a joke like that. Either way, the others will be happy to have some company."

Looking for me? Creepy. Joke? I didn't like theire sense of humor. Others? Okay my alarm clock could go off any minute now. I'd actually appreciate it this time.  In fact I'd give it a hug with my uncuffed hands.

Any minute now...

The End

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