Cobalt Blue - Struggles and Doubts

I tried not to laugh as Carmine struggled with her gown which was caught under the leg of her stool.  She looked at me embarrased and tugged on it harder, stumbling backward.  I jumped up and caught her in my arms, shocking myself at my own reflexes. 

She looked up at me and batted her eyelashes.  As I looked down into her eyes the urge to kiss her filled me.  The feeling was so strong I actually started leaning in, but a scream from upstairs stopped me cold.  I smiled as I realizd that it hadn't been a scream of danger (I'd heard enough of those screams since coming here to know that this one was nothing to worry about).  I pulled back and placed Carmine back on her feet. 

"Leave it to the kiddies to spoil the moment."  She said smiling, obviously she wasn't worried either.  She winked at me as she moved to the door, "Don't worry I'll handle it."

As she disapeared out of sight, I sat back down at the table and picked up my mug of cold milk.   I stared at it for a moment swirling the drink around before standing up and dumping it down the sink.  I felt very drained now that Carmine was gone and I didn't really understand why. 

I thought of the last moment before the scream, the moment she was in my arms and I had almost kissed her, something that was very uncharacteristic of me.  I had always been the quiet nerdy kid in school, the kid that people always talked about and spread rumors about.  Though in my case most of them were true, even if they didn't know it.  I was the one who always got flustered and stupid whenever a girl was around.

I shook my head as I rinsed out the mug and placed it back in the cabinet.  I had to focus on Azurite.  Me and Carmine had discussed a good deal of the plan or finding Azurite and now that they were obviously beginnng to wake up we could get started.

I grabbed the pot that I had heated the milk in, off  of the stove and brought it over to the sink to wash.   Then I began thinking of the other thing that Carmine had told me about her ability to read emotions.  Could she also control them?  Anger boiled up in me as I the realization hit me.  "Not only do I think she can control them...but it's probably very likely that she did!"  I muttered angrily. 

I grabbed a towel and dried off the pot, tossing it back in the cabinet that I had found it in.  I could hear voices coming down he stairs and I I tried to calm myself.  Even though I was kind of irratated by the thought of being made to love someone I knew Carmine would pick up on that aura and would ask about it.  I knew we needed to focus on Azurite not on whatever feeling I did or didn't have for Carmine. 

I took a deep breath and forced a smile, as soon as I saw Carmine the feelings of love and desire returned and I swallowed.  Azo was with her and she had her arms crossed over her chest.  "It seems Azurite's been having a little too much fun visiting people's dreams."  She nodded to Azo who looked pretty shaken up.

"Wisteria and Myrtle are on their way down,"  Mikado said as he bounded down the stairs.  He bounded over to his friends side and slapped him on the shoulder.  "Don't worry, Azo, as soon as we find Azurite it'll be payback time."

I shook my head, "Let's just focus on rescueing Azurite, then we can focus on silly things like pranks and childish revenge."  Carmine nodded.

The girls came down then and we began preparation for the rescueAs we departed the mansion and entered the woods.  Carmine took up the lead and I took up the rear all the while struggling to keep my emotions from revealing my growing suspicions.

The End

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