Cobalt Blue - Surprise Awakening!

Ever since I had come to this house two nights before, it had become non-stop action.  I had barely even had time to sleep.  The whole day of searching I had mostly run on fumes and so it was that the moment my head hit the pillow I was out.  No crazy dreams, no thoughts of Rachel, no Azurite to wake me up.  Just sleep, full and deep sleep...that is, until something landed on top of me.  I should have known it was too good to be true.

I felt every nerve in my body jolt as the impact of someone's body landing on top of mine pulled me out of my fitful slumber.  My first thought was that whoever had taken Azurite was now coming to take me and so I lashed out, luckily for my attacker they pulled back before my fist came into contact with their skull.

"Cobalt, wake up " I realized then that it was Carmine and realized that I was very lucky to have missed, "Come on Cobalt, it's important."

I pushed myself up onto my elbow rubbing my eyes,  "Carmine...What...?"

Before I could finish the thought she threw her arms around me hugging me tightly.  My head swam with her nearness.  The smell of her freshly washed hair causing me to forget everything for just a moment, until she spoke again.  "I found Azurite."  her breath on my neck made my heart jump and I had to swallow to keep it from leaping out of my mouth and onto the floor.  "Wait, no."  She said pulling back,  "That's not right. Azurite found me."

I shook my head trying to clear it and refocus on what she was saying, but it was rather difficult with her sitting there beside me.  I had to focus, Azurite, she had said something about Azurite.  Did she say he had contacted her?  "what do you mean?"  I managed. 

She jumped up excitedly, obviously unaware of the feelings she was stirring up within me.  She crossed over to the window the moonlight accentuating her curves perfectly, "Azurite contacted me though a dream.  He showed me exactly how to get to the military base from here and where to find him once we're inside."

"Why you?"  I asked.

She turned back toward me and shrugged, stepping back into the shadows.  "Does it matter, what matters is that we have a lead and we need to figure out what to do."  I nodded and she continued, "We should let everyone sleep until daylight, meanwhile we can make some plans."

I chuckled, "So much for us getting any sleep."

She crossed her arms across her chest.  "This is important Cobalt, we can't screw this up and if we let them help out with the planning then they could screw everything up."  She lowered her arms to her sides and smiled mischieviously, "Don't worry Cobalt, I'll give you time to freshen up."  I blushed, realizing that she did, in fact, know the power she had over me after all.  "I'll meet you downstairs in ten minutes."

The End

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