Carmine Red : Dream Or Reality

Through a haze of kalaedoscopic colours behind my eyelids, I felt a point of sharp indigo approaching me. Just glancing at that dot from my mind's eye I felt a strange familiarity and affinity towards it. As if it was something I had encountered while I was awake. The greens, blues and oranges began to fade into the background as the indigo steadily approached the bright red. Standing as two separate identical spheres, the colours glared at me, or my mind thought that they did. Suddenly I felt a jolt in my system, like I was being awakened forcefully.

I sensed a strong emotion behind the indigo sphere, but what perplexed me was the source of the emotion. How could a shape exhibit human-like emotions? My mind tried to reach out to the sphere so I could understand how it corelated to my own vivid red sphere. As I reached the outer periphery of the shape, something drew me in very powerfully. At first I resisted the pull, but then curiousity got the better of me as I allowed it to suck me in towards it. I felt no fear because the vibe from the sphere was a deeply inviting and friendly one.

As my mind breached the outer boundaries of the sphere, I sensed the familiar aura of Azurite. My mind was stupefied for a second before exhilaration overtook my very being. I had found Azurite. Or rather, Azurite had found me. From inside the indigo sphere, I could see my own red sphere flash brilliantly. I turned towards the very centre of the indigo fog as I tried to make sense of my surroundings. Azurite had to be somewhere, I thought to myself.

"Azurite, where are you? I can sense you but I can't see you. Call out my name Azurite. Please, contact me if you can." I pleadingly called out into the haze, half expecting to see Azurite emerging from the fog and enveloping me in an embrace. I waited for a while that seemed to stretch for longer than I was comfortable with but still I didn't feel uneasy.

I turned again and again, trying to trace my way out of the sphere, but I always ended up in the same place. I was more than a little confused but that didn't concern me overly much. Overjoyed at having traced even a tiny part of Azurite gave me an intense energy rush. How pleased Cobalt would be, I thought to myself and then felt slightly odd that he was the first person that I had thought of when Wisteria would obviously be the one most affected by my progress.

I shook these thoughts out of my mind as I again began to look for Azurite. As I was circling in the haze, I saw a strange white room come into my line of vision. A sense of innocence and helplessness, similar to the emotions that I had earlier followed in the forest, became richer in my mind. Puzzled about the connection between Azurite and this feminine source of emotions, I hesitated before going further into the haze. The indigo had slightly receded into a whitish fog.

I saw a spartan bed but could not make out any human form on the bed. Although it was apparent that a human form had occupied the bed not long before I had gotten here, I felt an odd sense of relief at the missing occupant of the bed. Where am I, I thought to myself, and where are you, Azurite?

As soon as I had thought this, the haze turned a rich, deep indigo and I felt a strong emotion beckoning me towards it. Again I was nearly swallowed up in the fog as I walked towards the epicentre of the haze.

I had been walking for more than what seemed like ten or so minutes, when I chanced upon a place where the emotions were very different. Like those of hope and restlessness. I felt the distinct presence of Azurite in the room. I touched the walls but my hands seemed to float right through them. Spooked and shaken by this, I suddenly drew back, wanting to escape from this weird place. But suddenly the room became crystal clear in my mind, as if my brain wanted to click a photograph of the place and freeze it in my memory reserves.

As I walked back, I felt a hand graze my arm. I looked around but could not see anyone. The touch had been oddly reassuring, calming my frayed nerves. As I walked back, I could see myself walking through a military establishment, a base camp of sorts. I memorized the entire path that I took, sensing that it was important.

As I exited a hidden gate, I turned back to see a couple of guards sleeping near the gate. Not doing our duty so well now huh, I smirked to myself as I floated towards what seemed to be our mansion. The distinct colours and emotions of my friends stood out starkly in my mind and I hurried towards them.

Just as suddenly as the haze had appeared in my mind, it disappeared. My mind was numbed with this shocking turn of events and it jolted me out of my vision. As I sat up suddenly, my forehead glazed with cold sweat, I found myself clutching my rose red quilt to my chest.

I threw the quilt away from myself and stepped onto the flashy red marble tiles of my room as I hurriedly walked out of my room barefoot. Crossing the passage, I reached Cobalt's door. Not waiting to knock, I flung open the door and sprinted over to the lump of blue in the centre of the bed. I sat beside him, forgetting all sorts of manners or propriety, and reached over shake him awake.

"Cobalt, wake up. Come on Cobalt, it's important."

Suddenly, he scraped his eyes open and rubbed them impatiently. "Carmine...What...?"

I didn't allow him to complete his sentence as  I flung myself onto him, giving him a tight hug. "I found Azurite. Wait, no. That's not right. Azurite found me."


The End

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