Colony: Earth - (Meet the Networker)

The journal entry belongs to a character in a sci-fi futuristic version of Earth, where the planet is now a colony of an alien empire.

The Journal entry, states:

My name as they would call me is, Viktor Tokyo Networker.  That means I was named Viktor, born in Tokyo, employed in Networking.

Actually I was a Hacker, but the Zygar’s didn’t want the general native Human’s among the population to know about the hacking that took place, hence categorising Hacking as under the general term of Networking.  Especially the fact that some of the Hackers were fellow humans like me.

I guess the secrecy made stealing the information from the human rebels more effective.  And then wham!  They’d get caught unaware.  And slaughtered, if they were lucky.  A quick death was merciful, from the Zygars.  They’d make a point about how merciful they were to those that opposed them.  Most humans knew the meaning of that though, all too well.

I guess if you are reading this and you are human, you’re thinking that I’m a bad guy.  An evil traitor to the cause?  Well you don’t know the half of it!  Wait, that sounds worse!  What I mean is, you don’t know half the details yet, of what really goes on, what I’m doing and why.

The End

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