Somewhere Else

Everything was black for a eyesight was covered with purple spots and it was hard for me to find my balance. I stumbled around, eventually finding a wall and leaning against it.

"The students have barely arrived, and you've already tried to kill one?" A voice asked. It filled me with fear; the sound was hard to describe, but it struck fear into my very core.

"They're foolish. It was too easy." A pause followed this new voice. "Nobody's been here for months and I'm getting hungry. I need this energy."

"You have to wait or they'll be wary. Then we'll get nothing to consume."

My eyesight was clear now, and I carefully stood up. When I looked towards the voices, I was about to scream, but clapped a hand over my mouth. Standing there was the man who was holding me in the mirror, but also a type of demon. It had red, glowing eyes, like the man, but it was nowhere near as humanoid. It had broad cheekbones and red skin, a long tail running down to it's feet (which were dragon-like).

The man turned around. "Look, she's awake. See? I didn't kill her."

The demon slapped his forehead. "That's not a good thing. Kill her! Kill her off!"

The man came after me, pulling a dagger from his belt. I turned and ran, not knowing how to leave this alternate dimension. I ran through the long hallways, looking desperately for my room; maybe I could unlock it and keep this man-thing out.

Out of breath and cramped, I finally reached my room. I shakily tried the doorknob, finding it to be open. Running inside, I saw Liam frantically looking around for something. Could it be me?

I ran up to him, grabbing him around the neck, wishing for protection. My eyes were tightly closed, and again I could see nothing. After a few seconds, I felt Liam grabbing my shoulders.

"No, no!" I screamed. "Don't let him get me!"

"Kim! Kim!" He shouted, trying to get my attention. "You're alright! Please, calm down!"

"No! He's coming! Please...!" I turned around and pointed to the doorway, finding it empty.

The End

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