3. Uh-Oh

 I walked Kim to her dorm. Though I didn't talk much, I enjoyed her company. I was just your usual quiet, moody teenager. I walked slowly to my dorm room, taking in my surroundings. It looked like Hogwarts, but without the magic and floating stairs and talking pictures.

 Except for one.

 "You're friend! Ha-ha!" I heard something scream. I frowned and turned to where the voice would've been. All there was was a black and white photo of an old fat man laughing. He had weird sideburns that ran down to the bottom of his face, like the ones you got in Victorian times. He had a cap on, and his eyes seemed gold and shiny. One minute they were just half closed, laughing, but as I leaned closer into the picture, it flashed into a picture of just his face screaming at me. He had no teeth, and his eyes were wider than I thought possible. Also, his eyes followed me. Not in the way where you're getting scared and a picture looks at you no matter where you go, but in a way where his eyes actually moved.

 I yelped and ran back to Kim's dorm. I banged on the door, but there was no answer. So I kicked the door down. She was standing in front of the mirror, wide eyed and genuinely scared. When she saw me, I could tell she was trying to scream, but she couldn't. I looked in the mirror, and the man stood behind her. But he kept changing into a younger man with black hair and red eyes.

The End

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