2. Kim Webing

"Hey, Liam!" I greeted my friend as he stepped sleepily out of the door. His hair was a bit of a mess, as usual, but I could tell he had just gotten up.

"Hey, Kim," he said halfheartedly.

"We're going to college, Liam!" I cried. "You'd better wake up."

He shook his head, running a hand through his hair.

We got into my car, driving in silence until we reached Caper Manor. It was an hours' drive, but Liam put his earbuds in as soon as we got inside the car, so we didn't talk much. I had turned on the radio halfway through, as well, so it wasn't too awkward.

We stepped out of the car together with nervous looks. Our other items were already packed into our dorms, ready for college life, thanks to our families. Our mothers had gone up and gotten everything in order, and wouldn't tell us anything about the college when they got back. We just figured they were speechless with anxiety for us. The only things we had were our phones and anything we could fit into our pockets.

The college that loomed before us was black and tall, a castle of a school. The landscaping around it was overgrown, as though the gardener had deserted the school years ago. We stepped up the path, moving tree branches and parts of bushes out of our way as we walked. A few whipped back at my arms and legs, but I kept walking.

We finally reached the large doors, which seemed unusually light as we opened them and headed inside. As soon as my foot went through that doorway, I was bathed in a cold wind, sending me into violent shivers.

"It's freezing in here!" I exclaimed, Liam nodding in reply. I could see him shivering slightly, as well.

"We should go to our dorms so we can get some jackets." He suggested, and we set off. Our dorms were on opposite sides of the school, unfortunately, since the girls and boys had to be separated. Liam walked me to my room, gentleman he was, and dropped me off inside.

My room seemed to be even colder than the hallways, and my roommate didn't even bother to show up yet. Her bed was untouched as well as her closet. I opened mine up after checking hers, finding my clothes. I grabbed a jacket and put it on, observing my surroundings.

The room was mostly gray, with a few black and red decorations here and there. Only white light filtered in from outside, lighting the room in beautiful rays. I was about to call Liam to tell him to meet me outside my room, but my arm froze.

It felt as though a hand with ridiculously sharp nails wrapped itself completely around my forearm, forcing it downwards. I was unable to move, the hand keeping me still. My legs came to life, then, seemingly moving by themselves. They led me to my roommate's dresser, opening it. I saw nothing inside until my arm moved forward, reaching to the near corner of the drawer. It pulled out a note, seemingly just written:

"Welcome to Caper Manor. Please enjoy yourself; you'll be here for a while."

The note made my heart beat and my stomach fill with worry, and I tried to move myself. None of my limbs seemed to work; the hand kept them all still. It squeezed my forearm until I dropped the note, and forced me to walk over to the mirror.

In that mirror, I saw a man with black hair and red eyes controlling me like a puppet, strings connected to my limbs. I screamed at the sight of him, but he just winked.

"Let me go!" I finally shouted, and wordlessly he nodded. Suddenly everything started to go black and I tried to scream, but no noise came.

The End

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