1. Liam Conner

 I'm only seventeen! This kinda stuff just doesn't happen to seventeen year old people! In fact, I don't think it's truly ever happened before. I never have believed in this stuff. But I'm scared to now...

 Let me start from the beginning.

 I can remember the last day of school so well! Waiting impatiently for three o'clock; all of the girls crying, hugging each other. The boys were just staring at the clock. The teachers didn't bother to teach, and the bullies swore at the teachers 'cause they couldn't do anything about it. That's something I'd never do.

 We packed up early that day. I was so excited! A whole six months of freedom! And I had a placement at my dream college, Caper Manor. It was meant to be the best college in Enfield! Better, even, than Latymer! Everyone ran out of that class room. Even me. I was almost shaking.

 My mum didn't know anything about Caper Manor, so I was going to tell her after school that day. She was so proud!

 "My son, attending the most prestigious school in Enfield!" she cried when I told her. My father patted me on the back, saying:

 "Well done, son." I was gleeful. I couldn't have been happier, and I had the big smile to prove it.


 I wore that smile on my first day.

 "Liam! Get outta bed now!" Mother called from downstairs.

 "Ugh!" I replied. I half expected a splash of ice cold water to be thrown at my face, but instead, she shook me roughly, and I was awake instantly. I hated going to bed, yet I hated waking up.

 I got dressed in a daze. I wore my long black hair swept across my forehead, just missing my eyebrows. The sideburns create a frame of my pale face, all spiked inwards. I have protruding cheek bones, and blue eyes above them. I have long eyelashes, which is typical for my family. I was well built and tall, and I usually dressed fashionably. But when I was going somewhere nice, I went full Mod.

 "Liam! Your friend's here!" Mother called after three knocks sounded on the front door of the house.

The End

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