Everyone wants to go to the most profound college in England. Why wouldn't they? But there is one thing about Caper Manor College that would put them right off.
It's haunted.



Firstly, I'd like to tell everyone the story of this...story.

 It's about a group of kids who are chosen to spend the weekend in the college, to get used to the facilities, and maybe even go to night classes and stuff. The only people there are two teachers and the students.

 The college is held in an old building that used to be a grand mansion from Henry VIII times (a bit like Forty Hall). Their first night, they are left there alone. And that's when it gets weird.

 They start to hear noises and things move. It gets really scary. The haunted.



1. No killing off other characters without permission.

2. If you can, try not to write in the present tense. (If not, tell me, and I wont mind)

3. At the beginning, keep to the story line above.

4. CONTINUITY! (Obviously!)

5. No big things can happen (like the haunting to end...or the book), without me knowing. Just say it in a comment, then post your chapter.


 Other than that, enjoy!

The End

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