Collab-Seeds (11-3-13)

Can't contain all my ideas most of the time. So instead of always trying to retrofit my ideas into the world I've created, I will unload a slew of plot ideas, character ideas, twist options, thread points and so on.
All of these ideas are OPEN for adaption, development, forking, whatever. IF you grab an idea, just drop a note and say hey and what Seed #! I would love to see what you do with them/collab with you on them. So, enough talking.

Seed #1) Fossils that catch moments of time and release them on contact with a sentient being...
Seed #2) A meteor crashes into victorian era city, bringing with it a rain of diamond meteoroids...
Seed #3) Nine people crash and fall into a frozen lake, only to find themselves standing on the ice on the other side...
Seed #4) After work a crippled man gets drunk for the first time in years, wakes up after a night of apparently running around...
Seed #5) An intuitive man tries to prevent the death of the Savior and accidentally causes it, then assumes Savior's name/image to prevent war. Ends up being the savior that was actually prophesied.
Seed #6) When a Queen of a subterranean civilization dies, everyone is simultaneously awoken to the fact that they are all female and have no guidance, and no idea how to proceed.
Seed #7) After years of training and conditioning to fight, a young girl is thrown into a situation where none of those things are needed... Until a crack in the plaster starts showing and she realizes this might not actually be real... or maybe the training wasn't real....
Seed #8) A beam of light off of a polished surface is the only thing that will break the seal, and also the only way to dislodge the only weapon capable of destroying the very thing that is sealed. Only one of these things is known though.
Seed #9) Once every thousand years a creature emerges that is claimed to have the knowledge of the entire world. All those capable seek it for various reasons. Only, its a rabbit that finds it this time.
Seed #10) A bracelet made from an ancient rope-like device ends up on the wrist of a teenager. When, in anger, he rips it away from his wrist, the rope hums for a second. Two days later he is visited by an ancient robot that wants to get him "back into space where conditions are optimal for survival".
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10 minute, 45 second brainstorm.

The End

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