Club- Shocking words

I finally found Keagan, 'What's up?'

'Nothing.' She grunted. I sighed.

'Your so annoying, c'mon, we may as well go early, idiot girl.'

'I'm not an idiot!'

'Yes you are.'

'Not...' Keagan scowled at the floor, I smirked and sauntered up to her, she looked up at me, her brows still furrowed.

'I'm sorry Keagan, I've been feeling out of sorts... forgive me?' I pouted,bringing tears to my eyes. SHe looked up at me, her eyes wide and expectant, I saw her eyes slide shut and I shut off the urge to snicker at her.

I leaned in, breathing heavily on her face, making her wait as I licked her lips.

'It's okay Club...' She whispered, smiling a little. I felt something inside me snap, and my plan to make a fool out of her melted away as I stared at her expression on content, 'if you were just joking around... but you really did take it too far!'

Her eyes opened and she looked me, cocking her head to the left. I smiled kindly and cupped her cheeks, pressing my lips to hers. I brushed her hair aside and deepened the kiss, I felt her hands clutch onto the front of my blouse and I tried my best not to melt into her.

At all costs, I shall not allow her to know my feelings. Never, ever, ever.

I pushed her away, plastering my devilish smirk back onto my face, she put a fist to her mouth, blushing furiously.

'Jesus, you thought I was being serious? Hah! You really are a stupid girl, aren't you.' I alughed meanly, Keagan looked up at me, tears welling up in her eyes, 'wait, Keagan... you really do like me don't you?'

'Whatever.' She mumbled, looking away.

'Than you wont mind if I take you for myself?' I looked at her in a intense, smouldering way, taking a starnd of her hair and kissing it.


The End

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