Keagan - Fighting.

I stared at Club in disbelief. I couldn't believe him. How could he say such things? How could he deny that he had some kind of feelings for me? How could he say he kissed me on a whim? Oh, how I hated him...

"I don't know what you were expecting me to be. You seemed to expect something from me when we first met. You were so keen to know if I was from Earth. Like.. Like you were searching for someone. Searching for your Dia, were you?" I guessed. Club stared at me. From his expression, I could tell that I had hit the nail on the head. "Well you'll certainly never find her. You think girls will just fall for you because of your looks, and not your personality? You think you can treat us like dirt and we will still love you? Well if that is the way you think, you will be alone for ever more." I hissed, my voice low. I was holding back tears. Club opened his mouth as if to say something, but before he could I had whisked away. 

I ran as fast and as far as I could, until Club was a mere speck on the horizon. Then, I slumped against a tree and wept. I was so terribly, terribly alone... 

"Club and Heart will report to the stadium at midday tomorrow for the third trial." Boomed the voice. 

I put a hand to my forehead, and the tears came thicker and faster than ever. How could I do another task with that beast of a boy? 

"God," I whispered. "If you do exist.. If you can hear me from this strange world.. Rescue me. I can't do this. Help me... Someone.. Help me..." 

The End

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