Club- The Black Club

I felt bad after I stormed off after kissing Keagan. That, I have to admit, was uncalled for.

In fact, why had I kissed her? She's more like a friend, or a sister to me than a lover. I don't know, I guess it was just to shut her up. Anyway, she seemed so much more fragile and young than she actually was, and the frustration of her idiocy came out through my lips, not my voice box.

'Club! Your a complete and utter,' I darn't even think what the next few names meant, they must mean something in her world, because they sure don't in mine.

'I don't know what you mean.' I hissed back, the anger bubbling up again. Why is it every time I look at that childs face I feel sick in the stomach and have a anger that fills up my entire body.

'First you kiss me! Then you forget! But then you kissed me, aside from the play! Don't you dare tell me you forgot about that!' She was nearly screaming at me now, I sighed and turned around, looking at her angry, red face.

'I didn't forget, I just kissed you on a whim.' I grunted, still looking her directly in the eye.

She bit her lip in frustration, and appeared to be fighting a urge to say something, until she burst out, 'I can't believe your dumb enough not to see I like you!!'

I blinked, quite take aback by her forceful words, to be honest, I thought she was going to cry. But she just sounded forceful and very angry.

'I'm sorry,' I replied bluntly, 'I don't feel that way about you at all. My main concern is getting back home and becoming king.'

'Your an idiot!' She yelled back almost instantly after I spat the words, 'you really are a... a... a...'

'I'm a what, Keagan? Just shut up, okay? You think I'm nice, do you really? After all this time, you think I'm the nice guy who'll sweep you off you dainty little feel?! No. And if you'll agree with me on this one, we need to escape this world. Pronto.' I growled at her. She looked at me, every pore in her face seeping shock.

'But... you....'

'But, I. What?' I snapped, this was it, she now knew my real personality.

I was never nice, no matter how much I played it up. I've never liked being kind or caring or considerate, it took me longer than anyone'd think to build up my façade! I've always been quietly seething in the background, waiting for the King to give up and die already, leaving his throne free for me to take.

'Stop being stupid, Club,' Keagan said wearily, 'I know your just playing a trick.'

'You think so? You would not believe how good it feels to rip off that idioticly happy mask of mine.' I smiled coldly, 'now the truths out, let's complete the rest of these damned trials and get the hell out of here.'



The End

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