Keagan - Dumb play...

My scowl deepened. Why was Club being such a jerk? He was the one who had kissed me, after all, so shouldn't he be the one feeling embarrassed and awkward, like he was making me feel? I hated him a little more every day. But.. I didn't really hate him. In fact, as I wrote out the play we were to perform at dawn on the paper The Voice had given us, it was like I was writing out how I wanted our romance to go. 

"Right. I'm done. Rehearsal time, Club!" I shook him. While I had been busy writing, he had had the cheek to settle down and fall asleep. Still, I did prefer him when he was sleeping. He couldn't make me regret the way I felt about him if he couldn't talk.. 

Dawn came around all too quickly, and before I knew it, we were performing. 

"Oh, what a pretty young girl you are!" I exclaimed. A few of the audience tittered. 

"I'm not a girl!" Club cried angrily. He wasn't acting. I had based the part.. loosely.. okay, entirely on him. I didn't know what kind of an actor he was, so I didn't risk it. "I am a man!" There were more giggles from the crowd. 

"Well if you are a man, how come you have such beautiful flowing locks?" I gushed. I was playing a total girly-girl, someone who in real life, I would have hated. The Voice had given us costumes. I wore a disgusting pink gown, and Club was wearing a long blonde wig.

As the play progressed, I got more and more confident. I was sure more than five of the audience had laughed now. We were coming to the kiss scene. I was dreading it. Club had refused to rehearse the kiss, and I was scared he wouldn't do it at all. 

"Oh Richard.." I sighed as Club (Now wearing a very short blonde wig), pulled me into his arms. 

"Oh Julia.." He sighed back. And then he kissed me. In the kiss, I sensed all of his pent-up feelings. His irritation, his anger, but most of all, his desire. I kissed him back, pouring all of my feelings into it. The audience oohed and ahhed appreciatively. Then, abruptly, he pulled away. "I need to go." He said. I raised my eyebrows. This was totally off script. 

"Why?" I improvised. 

"I... I just have to." He said, and stormed away, disappearing into the forest. What was he DOING? My heart pounding I was forced to improvise. 

"Oh no.." I monologued. "There goes my one true love.. Will he come back? Oh... Richard! Richard! Rich...ard..." I collapsed. Closing my eyes. There were gasps from the audience. I heard Club returning, and so I climbed slowly to my feet. "Richard?" 

Club stepped forward, and I could see tear tracks on his cheeks. 

"It is I." He whispered. This was one of the scenes in the play, where Richard comes back after years at sea. I would have to alter it slightly. 

"Oh Richard!" I ran to him and kissed him, an angry, what-the-hell-were-you-thinking kiss. "Why did you leave me?" 

"I had to.. to think." He muttered. 

"Think? But.. you never think!" More titters. This audience was surely made of simpletons, laughing at these improvised jokes. 

"Hush." He said, glaring at me. "I had to think about what I was doing here. And I came to a conclusion. Will.. Will you marry me, Julia?" I gasped.

"I will!" And we kissed again. With that, I decided to end the play. We bowed, and the audience applauded loudly. 

"You.. have passed the Second Trial.." The Voice announced grudgingly. "The audience will not.. devour you." And with that, the audience disappeared, and a path appeared, leading us out of the forest. Ripping off the costumes and changing into our normal clothes, Club and I walked swiftly down the road. 

"What the hell were you doing back there?" I exclaimed. 

"I.. I really did have some thinking to do." Club scowled. 

"Thinking about what?" I asked, exasperated. 

"Mind your own business!" He snapped. 

"What is wrong with you?" I yelled, turning to face him. He faced me. 

"What's wrong with you?" He retorted. 

"Ugh, why do you have to act like a little kid the whole time? Why can't you grow up?" I yelled. 

"Me a little kid? ME?" He growled. And then, suddenly, we were kissing. Hot, angry, desperate kisses, Club's arms wrapped tight around me, pinning my arms to my sides. Then he broke off, and after a moment of silence, me staring at him bewilderedly, him just staring, his expression unreadable, he stalked off. 

It seemed I would never understand that boy...


The End

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