Club- Trial Two

I scowled at the tree's, I scowled at the grass, I scowled at the peeking rays of sunlight and I scowled at Keagan whenever she attempted to get her word in.

'Club, I swear, were in circles!' She finally managed to burst out, despite my cold stare. 

I hand't kissed that wretched women. Nope. No way. Nor had I said she was pretty, because she wasn't.

I can see that as plain as day, hey eyes are a funny colour, her hair--I have decided-- is not silky, but slimy and that pale skin of hers? She looks like a ghoul. Hm. There is no way that girl is beautiful!

'Trial Two!'

The female voice boomed, I gazed up at the sky, awaiting her challenge.

'You two must escape my forest.'

'But we can't!'We both burst out angrily.

'Then I have a forfit.'

'What?' Keagan asked loudly, as though she thought the voice couldn't hear her if she spoke quietly.

'You two must--'

'Must what?'

'Fall in--'

'NOOOOOO!' I shouted.

'Please refrain from interrupting me.' The Voice said cooly, 'by the end of tonight, when the sun rises, you two must have created--'

'Oh god, not a baby?!' Keagan roared furiously at the sky, I let a gasp slip.

'You two must have created a enjoyable play about a couple who fall in love for this audience,' A clicking sound and a group of about fifty people appeared, all sitting calmly on clouds, floating in mid-air.

'Thats all? No catch?' I asked suspiciously, narrowing my eyes at the audience.

'No, there is a catch,' She sounded amused now.

'What is it?' Keagan sighed, flicking back her silky--- no, slimy hair.

'If you do not make over five of the group laugh, they will devour you.' Keagan squeaked and I spluttered at how bluntly The Voice could say this.

'Say... say what?' Keagan asked stupidly, she mustn't have heard.

'You didn't hear, they'll eat us.' I told her flatly.

'Yes, yes, I heard. "Say what" is just a phrase from my world.' She grunted, her voice shaking a little.

'It's a stupid saying.' I mumbled, trying not to let my fear show up.

'Good luck, they will meet you here at dawn tomorrow.'


The End

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