Club- Magic is a High

I winced at something cold brushed against my arm, grunting, I tried to stay still to stop the throbbing pain the licked at my skin and bones.

'...ub...' A dull noise, my head was too engrossed in being hurt to pick out the words, '..Club....hurt? Wake.... idiot... magic...'

The sentence was confusing and I couldn't make sense of it.

'Stupid girl...' Okay, I found them words.

'Not...I'm not a girl...' I panted, forcing my eyes open, blinking away the heaviness of my eyelids. 

'Club!!' Keagan sighed, relieved. I don't know why though, I thought that she hated me. Her eyes were a little pink and her cheeks a little red. I frowned at her.

'Did I let us fall?' I mumbled, trying to sit up, Keagan pushed me down again, giving me a stern look.

'Hmm. You used up to much energy or something? You passed out in mid-air. What a sight!' She laughed weakly, 'you've been out for an hour. I was hurt, but you must have hit your head or something.'

'What a great nurse you are.' I said sarcastically, sitting up again, Keagan didn't push me down this time.

'Don't say that. I was really scared, I thought you'd, like, died or something.' She blushed, covering her face with her fringe.

I sighed and push her hair away from her cheeks, 'don't... I hate it when you do that.'

'Do what?'

'Hide your face.'

'Pfft. Not like you wanna be looking at it anyway.' She puffed, blushing even more, attempting to hide behind her silky wall once again, I stopped her.

'I don't think you should hide a pretty face like yours.' I said smoothly, flashing her a grin. Her eyes widened and her cheeks were now burning.

'Don't... it's stupid.' Was the only pathetic come back she could muster in her current state of embarrassment, I laughed softly and flicked her forehead.

'Ouch! what was--'

I put a finger to my lips, and smiled widely, 'your cuter when you don't talk.'

'HEY!!' She huffed, 'your acting weird!'

'Indeed I am. I'm in my funny mood.'

'Magic, for people on 52, is a high.' An informative voice boomed before shutting up altogether.

'S'not!' I retorted at the sky, 'I'm not high! No wayyyyyyy.'

'Thought you were acting weird!' Snickered Keagan,' getting stoned from your own powers. That's just shameful.'

'M'not high!' I mumbled, starting to feel slightly light headed, 'hey, hey, hey, Keagan?'

'What?' She laughed, looking at me.

'Your pretty.' I smiled bumping my forehead into hers, she make a "gyuck!" noise and her cheeks turned peach, then pink, then red, then tomato-coloured. 

'Club! Stop--mmf!' Her speech was cut off as I grabbed her shoulders and pressed my lips to hers. 

'Mmmm... yes... I like you...' Was the last thing I remember doing before passing out.


The End

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