Keagan - Bruises and Scrapes

I screamed as we ran from the giant horses. Each hoof was as large as my head, and they stood as tall as Club and I put together! As we ran, the ground changed from the stable back to the arena where we had first been. I let out a scared gasp as I saw the steps in front of us. How on earth were we going to beat two giant horses up those stairs?

But as I climbed the first step, I felt myself rising and rising, the ground receding below me. My woop of victory was cut off by:

"You have failed the first trial. This is not the end, though, so fear not. You must only win the majority of the trials to claim overall victory." The voice rang out again, echoing off the stone arena. Below, the horses snorted and stamped their feet, irritated that their prey was getting away.

A few metres across from me, I could see Club floating along happily. But his face was pale, and I could see the exertation of keeping the two of us afloat for so long was sapping his energy greatly. As we neared the edge of the forest, his eyes slid shut and we both tumbled toward the ground. The only thing that saved us both from imminent death were the limbs of the ever-present trees, which broke our fall somewhat.

I hit the ground with a dull thud, and I heard Club's unconscious body do the same a few feet away. I rushed to him, ignoring the pain that shot through my entire being as I struggled to my feet and ran to his side.

"Club?! Club!" I cried, taking his hand. His clothes were torn and his hat crushed inwards, and his whole body was covered in bruises, dings and scrapes. "Oh god.. Oh goddd..." I whispered.

What the hell was I going to do?

The End

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