Club- Spells

It had been a mere ten minutes and I was already feeling weak and tired, I felt envious glancing over to Keagan. Her boy-like strength gave her the ability to shovel masses of crap without breaking a sweat. A fifth of her dung was already cleared, whereas a pathetic eighth of mine had been tossed into the river.

I wiped the droplets from my pink face and pushed on, trying not to breath; but trying to get in as much air as possible to keep me sane.

Grunting, I rested my tired arm on the shovel head, 'this place is just like 52..' I mumbled to myself. Keagan looked over, only catching a small amount of my sentence. I shrugged and turned away from her. I could feel her angry stare boring into the back of my head. I shivered and licked my lips.

'Don't you have something to say to me?!' Keagan asked angrily, I could see out of the corner of my eye that her hands were on her hips.

'Nothing, I don't have anything to say to you.' I said bluntly, turning around to meet her cold gaze.

'Yes you do!!'

'Then tell me.'


'Apology accepted.' I snickered.

'ARGG! Just say your sorry, dammit!' She yelled, 'or I'll put my stinkin' crap in your stable!' 

'You aren't allowed to do that!' I shouted back, 'that's unfair!'

'Why?' She sneered at me, smirking, 'because your a little girl who can't handle stuff like this!' 

I looked at her for a second, realization flashing through my mind. I had something that she didn't, I much better advantage than she.

'I can! And you know I'm a boy, because I saw you blushing when we kissed. And when I fell on top of you. You act all tough but your still a mere lady.' I laughed at my snide comments, 'anyway, I have something you don't!'

'Oh yeah, what?' She asked angrily, her fury gradually growing.


'Don't be stupid magic isn't real!' She barked, peeling her fringe from her sweaty forehead.

'Pff! I'm the son of Joker Royal! I can use magic!' I snickered, I spread out my hands, 'in the name of the four corners, Club, Spade, Heart and Diamond. I command thee to clear this stable of all dung!!' I shouted, flourishing my hands for a little something extra.

Nothing happened for a second and Keagan began to laugh at me like I was an idiot.

Work! Please.... Please work!


I jumped away, flinching, as did Keagan. We looked at my stable, dumbfounded. Because, yes, my spell had worked, the stable had been emptied of all dung...

It had been replaced with a pair of fierce-looking horses, with drool dripping from their foaming mouths. Two pairs of red, gleaming eyes stared at us, the two horses bared their teeth, jagged, triangular shaped teeth that could tear us to shreads in seconds.

'Umm... Club...' Keagan whispered.

'Magic is forbidden! You should have used your own strength!'

'Oh shut up, you should have told me that before... well... these things!!' I yelled, looking up at the sky. Keagan edged towards me nervously.



'It's.. scraping it's hoof... I think it'd be clever of us to run...' Keagan whispered, as though she'd startle the horses if she didn't.

'Oh give over, they're probably just statues...' I have a little yelp as one lowered it's head and whinnied, 'run! In the name of the four corners, run for your life!!'

Keagan's head snapped up and I grabbed her wrist, making short, swift hands signs with the other.

'In the name of the four corners, let us fly!!! NOWWWWW!' I shrieked, it was a very girly scream, but the horses had set off after us and the only thing that could save us was my very rusty magic...

The End

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