Club- Accidental Kiss

'Ughh...' I grunted, inhaling a mouthful of silky hair, 'ughh...' I spluttered and raised a hand to pull it from my mouth.

'uhuh...' Keagan moaned, 'not going to school...'

'Dammit, Keagan! Wake up!' I hissed, trying to get a good look at what was around us (tree's) by straining the muscles in my eyes.


'Keagan--' I stopped short as Keagan rolled over onto her front, I cringed away, her face just a few inches from my own, I felt my pulse quicken. I blushed as she snuggled into my blouse, her body felt a little heavy on my own.

'St...ill....sleepy...' She mumbled into my upper torso, I tried to push her away, but man, when that girl wants to sleep; she'll stop at nothing to do so!

'Keagan! Just get--mmf!'

She's awoken, lifting her head up. Smacking her face onto mine which was glaring down at her. I look at Keagan, and Keagan looked back. We didn't really know what to do, and just stayed in the awkward position for about two minutes, I soon came to realize what was going on and I felt my cheeks burst into flames.

'Ahh!' I yelped, jumping away from her. Keagan landed with a thud on the floor, I'd dragged my body from underneath hers.

'I--I'm sorry!' She burbled, also starting to blush.

'My..It was my bad!! I shouldn't have woken you...' I looked around, finally getting to grips with the real situation at hand, '...up...'

Keagan gave me an odd look before looking around herself, 'where the heck are we?!' She yelled, her voice rebounding off the tree's, echoing through the seemingly endless forest we were stuck in.

'Club and Heart! Let the trials begin!'

A female voice boomed from nowhere, I looked at Keagan, startled.

'That was you, wasn't it!' I shouted, pointing a angry finger at her, adjusting my hat.

'No! I never did that!' She roared at me, a scowl crossing her face, 'don't be such and idiot to go accusing innocent bystanders!'

'Don't call me an idiot! It's your fault were here, idiot!'

'How so?!'

'You pushed me into that portal, then you fell in yourself... jeez! Your so stupid!' I snarled, getting worked up. It was all her fault we were here!!!

'I didn't! Someone pushed me!' Keagan protested.

'Yeah, yeah, whatever! Your just a lightweight! I'm going to find a way out of here... without you!' I growled, stalking off through the tree's.

'You can't  just leave me here, you stupid girl! We have to--'

I didn't hear the rest because I put my hands over my ears.

The End

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